Monday 4 September 2017

The Wedding Days Q&A

Welcome to my blog series 'The Wedding Days' where other couples (some bloggers, some non bloggers) share details about their big day by answering some questions. I LOVE weddings and seeing a few photos too! I'm really missing the planning of our big day which is why I created this series! So if you're anything like me, you're going to love this series too. If you want to get involved and share your wedding day with us then please get in touch -
I'm going to start this series by telling you about my own wedding day!
Tell us a little bit about you and where you met your husband/wife? (include the proposal story if you want to)

It was 10 years ago when I first met Michael when we were 18 years old through mutual friends - he had a girlfriend at the time and I refused to kiss him! I remember making him wait 45 minutes to meet me at cassiobury park in Watford! (sorry about that darling) he soon went to university and we stopped talking. I went on to have my first baby when I was 20 - Oliver! Then when Oliver was 2.5 years old, I officially became Michael's girlfriend! After a few years of being together I fell pregnant with Isabelle.

The proposal - Michael knows me very well, I would have been so shy had he of asked me to marry him in front of a lot of people so on Christmas Eve 2015, he cooked me a meal and got down on one knee. He was a bit nervous so didn't wait until the end of the meal - it was cute. The ring was perfect for me too!

Where was the big day and when was it?Our big day was at Shenley Cricket Centre in Radlett - the first venue we looked at, we did look elsewhere but it didn't compare to Shenley, we completely fell in love with the venue and when I was looking around I couldn't stop imagining how I would decorate it for the day. Because we booked it a few years in advance too we got a fantastic price on the package - having said that, even though it's gone up just a little it's still an amazing price!

The staff were amazing too and helped make the day exactly what we wanted it to be.

Saturday 25th March 2017 was the day!

What did the Bride wear (where did you get your dress, what were your accessories, colour theme, flowers, shoes?)

My wedding dress was from Berketex Bride - I actually got it at the National Wedding show in London which meant although it was from their new range I got it for a big discount! I had it altered a bit to have detachable straps.

I had the most beautiful veil from Rainbow Club *click here to have a look!* and a pair of hand painted shoes from Elizabeth & Rose *click here to have a look!* I also had a matching clutch bag which is perfect for when I re use them!

My tiara was by Berketex Bride too and my jewellery was a mixture of places, earrings were a bargain from Warren James, necklace was from Debenhams and the bracelet was from Next - all of which matched which was lucky!

I got a fur shrug in the sale from John Lewis for £20 although I didn't need it in the day as for a March wedding we were very lucky with the weather! I did use it in the evening though.

Our co
lour theme was lilac - chosen by the groom actually, I wanted blue to begin with but I'm so happy we had lilac as it just looked lovely.
Our flowers were roses and gyp. My bouquet was cream, pink and lilac roses with gypsophilia. My bridesmaid - who is my sister in law, had cream roses with gyp. The flower girls had heart wands with lilac roses. Button holes and mother of the bride/groom were cream roses. The table centres matched our flowers too and I used jam jars which I decorated using ribbon, lace and little wooden hearts.

What did the Groom wear?

Michael picked a traditional wedding suit, black tailcoat and grey striped trousers, white shirt, ivory waistcoat and ivory cravat. He wanted to be a little different from the other men and decided he would have an ivory cravat to match me whilst they had lilac to match the bridesmaid. It worked really well and looked lovely.
The wedding party?

I had one adult bridesmaid - my brother's wife. My brother gave me away as my dad passed away when I was 17. we had two flower girls and two page boys, 1 best man and 1 usher.

The flower girls had cute little BHS dresses called Isabelle click here to have a look!

My bridesmaid had a lilac dress by kaliko and picked her own shoes. Her jewellery and hair piece was by Glitzy Secrets.

Page boys were so cute as they matched the men! click here to have a look!

Did you have evening entertainment?

We had a DJ who was great, our first dance was "how long will I love you" by Ellie Goulding. The DJ followed this by "your love keeps lifting me higher..." which got everybody up dancing. We had a green screen photo booth, a candy floss and popcorn cart as well as a sweet table. Everyone - especially the kids loved this!

What’s the best bit of advice you could offer a future bride?
Don't worry about the little things, everything will come together! Don't worry if something doesn't go completely to plan - no one else knows what you've planned. Make sure you book a photographer you like, that you get along with and understands you as a couple. We spoke to a few before we met the photographer we wanted.

Now the wedding day is over, is there anything that you regret spending money on?

No. For what we had I think I spent the money really wisely and we had a lovely day.

Did you stick to your budget?

We went over our original budget by about £1000 - oops.

Finally, other than marrying the person you love - what was your favourite thing about your wedding day?
Oliver's speech in the ceremony - he did so well and read an Irish blessing infront of 50+ people. Everyone loved it. And watching the children

I hope you've enjoyed reading about our wedding day! If you'd like to get involved then get in touch :) #TheWeddingDays

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