Tuesday 5 September 2017

I want shops to keep the GIRL / BOY sections in clothing stores.

This blog post may get me a few unfollows but I have to be honest I say what I think. So many people are having their say about this at the moment and I'm getting a little irritated by everyone disagreeing with each other over something so simple, some people are being really rude on social media and there's just no need for it!
LABELS - do they really matter on clothing?

Let your children wear what they want to!
It's clothing... If your little boy wants to wear a top with a flower on it that's ok - shock, horror he may grow up to love flowers! (result if he brings mum home some flowers in the future huh?)

If he is in love with Disney and wants to play dress up, as a parent you need to help your children to discover who they want to be - your job is not to tell them who they are.

If your daughter wants to play with a toy car - does that mean she's paying with a 'boys' toy because last time I checked women drive too! 

And whilst we are at it - dinosaurs? Just for boys? I think not. Blue is a colour - pink is a colour. I actually think a lot of children prefer pink because it just looks like a happier colour than dark blue? Maybe consider that. Oliver loves bright colours.
To hell with it, Oliver had a toy doll when he was a toddler! He's just fine. Now he is 8 years old and very into lego, batman, star wars and the idea that he ever played with a doll isn't something he remembers but boys see their parents with babies - why can't they be the same? Its a toy.
Here's a confession for you; my son has never been allowed to play with a toy 'gun' but he has been allowed a doll!
In my opinion and please don't be offended if you let your child play with toy guns because that's your choice, a gun is not an ideal toy for a young child - it's a toy weapon. A doll however just teaches your child love and to be caring. If he picks up a stick and pretends it's a gun - that's using his imagination and being creative so I wouldn't tell him to stop but I won't be buying him a toy gun to run around with pretending to kill people. That's not a game.
I want shops to keep the GIRL / BOY sections. Why?
This is not because I think we should have or should need labels that say 'boy' or 'girl'. It is NOT because I think boys should have boys clothes and girls should have girls clothes but it's because I want to be able to find what I am looking for quickly- as a mum of two who often goes shopping with the kids knowing what I am looking for, I don't have the time to be hunting around the whole section.
If I am looking online I like to click 'boy' and the age I'm looking for. If I wanted something different - I'd search for it, I've no problem with that.
I don't care what the labels say - if its for a boy and my daughter likes it then she can wear it and same for my son. 
By all means take the labels that say the gender off the items that's fine but please keep the separate sections to make life easier.

I want to be able to find what I am looking for quickly whether I'm looking for a flowery dress or a top with buses on... I don't want my shopping experience made even longer trying to find what I am looking for. Why can't we get rid of the gender labels if we really need to and just have sections. I don't know what you're going to call those sections - but I just don't want them all jumbled up. Clothes for everyone I say - I know what my children want to wear, I know what to buy for them and I don't need anyone else to tell me if that's ok or not!
You can put your child in the clothes they want without a label telling you it's ok to do so!

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