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I'm Mary-Kate, the person who writes here at Mummy Memories. I'm mummy to two gorgeous little people, currently I'm very lucky to be able to be a stay at home mum meaning I get to spend my days with them which I truly love. I became a mum when I was 20 years old, which a lot of people told me was 'too young', some said that my life would be over if I had a baby at the age I was but guess what? ...I kept my baby, here I am, a mum and I'm still living so no my life wasn't over, a whole new chapter had begun and I truly love it. This blog is my place to save my mummy memories just in case one day I forget them. The thought of forgetting things about my children, about my life, terrifies me.
Michael is my husband (since 25th March 2017), he's a self employed landscape gardener who graduated from Writtle College with Bsc (Hons) in Horticulture. He works 6 days a week so we really miss him but our 1 day together he is a total family man. We're very lucky to have him! He has a passion for fish and our fish tank is in my opinion, is beautiful. Also a football fan so I am forced to watch it.
Oliver is my eldest child, born in 2009 with lovely blue eyes. He's a birdwatcher. He loves school and has made lots of friends since we moved. He's a really caring little boy who loves his little sister lots - when she isn't ruining his lego building or trying to steal his toys, trying to scratch him - she can be vicious sometimes (he'll tell you all the time). His favourite toys at the moment are obviously star wars! - anything star wars... and he loves to watch documentaries about animals. He has a temper though and can be so, so stubborn - no idea where he gets it from to be honest! Always protects his sister with a cuddle when Dyson is busy cleaning up the mess they've made all over the floor. He is now a green belt in ju-jitsu, likes to play football and has just started learning to play cricket. He is LEGO obsessed.

Isabelle is our 'baby' who was born in 2014. She's got multiple allergies including dairy and soya but has slowly starting growing out of some such as wheat, potatoes and eggs. She used to take lamb everywhere. It's a beautiful age where she's learning new things every day and it's so lovely to watch... that's when she's not having a tantrum obviously. Sorry I find it impossible to sit here and type all the good things about my children whilst inside saying but they tantrum!!! So I type the truth. Lovely but oh, hard work. One of her favourite things to do is steal Oliver's toys, she loves to be outdoors exploring or being inside putting the three P's (paint, pens, playdoh) everywhere! She is a total girly girl but likes dinosaurs too - why not?! Her favourite is Paw Patrol.

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