Friday, 5 February 2016

What Isabelle has been wearing

Isabelle loves helping to pick her clothes at the moment and if she doesn't like something she will have a complete meltdown if I try to put it on her. I thought I'd share some of our favourites from this week.
I love this little tea party top, Grandma got it for Isabelle and it's so sweet. We had a tea party today just because she was wearing it! It's 12-18 months from Marks and Spencers but weirdly it comes up a little small, very unlike m&s. The skirt is also from M&S but it's age 3-6 months! She's had it for ages and shes only got a tiny waist so it's still got plenty of room.
 Another lovely top from Grandma, one of our favourites Hairy Maclary, the books are great. This is from Next! Perfect with some comfy next leggings.
That's not my panda... We love those books! I got Isabelle these leggings in next sale a year ago! They're super cute. Guess who got her the panda top from M&S? Yep you guessed it, Gradma!

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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Spitfire experience at the Royal Air Force Museum London

Today we went to RAF Museum London, we got tickets to the Spitfire Experience which Oliver, Isabelle, Daddy & Grandad loved. I thought I'd share some photos.

If you're going to go, tickets for the spitfire experience need to be book online in advance.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Isabelle's 2nd birthday present wishlist - by Mummy

I'm really struggling to decide what to buy Isabelle for her second birthday and struggling even more to find ideas to suggest to other people! She's got far too many clothes already, so I definitely don't want to buy her a lot of those, there may be the odd 'special' bit that I wouldn't mind her having of course! hehe.
She's also lucky enough to have a big selection of toys already - a lot passed down from her brother too so I'd rather she didn't get more of what she won't really use much! Toys to grow into are a good idea, although a little boring when older - at this age you can get away with it!
So what's on my wish list for Miss Isabelle this year? 

A new shopping trolley - her current one was Oliver's and its seen better days. This one has space for dolly and is so much more realistic. John Lewis. 
I love the idea of getting a little wooden dolls house that she can grow into over the years, we can add random bits of furniture every now and then. This is in the sale at the moment in John Lewis.
Isabelle loves a bag, before I know it she'll be bigger and have outgrown her need for a changing bag, I'd love a bag that is super cute and will last a little girl years.
Paint! (washable paint!) Isabelle loves getting creative & MESSY!
Isabelle does baby ballet & she's a little sister. She would love this sleepsuit from NEXT.
I said no more clothes but this is from NEXT and it goes up to age 2! So 18-24 months would be perfect for her to wear on our weekend away! Love it.
We are going away the day after Isabelle's birthday just for the weekend and she needs a swimsuit, I love this one from NEXT with dory on! She loves fish.
Again from NEXT, I love this t'shirt its so cute!
Beautiful dress from NEXT, again this is in the baby section but available up to age 2 so this would be perfect for our weekend away.

A clock for her bedroom - this personalised one is so cute.
Lottie & Lysh leggings and head scarf. This is one of my fav designs.
Natalie Ragdoll- Natures Purest

OK, OK, so I know I said no clothes but the ones I've included here are just lovely arent they?!


Some other good idea's for a 2nd birthday include wooden toys, pencils, stickers [loves stickers], books including classics that they can grow into loving like Cinderella and snow white!

The first few weeks of Breastfeeding survival kit

A friend messaged me on facebook saying that she wanted to put a kit together for one of her friends who wanted to breastfeed and asked if I had any ideas.... oh yes! So I thought I'd share them here.

I breastfed Isabelle for 14 months and looking back if someone who had breastfed was going to put me this kit together I'd of been delighted, it would of been so much easier to be prepared for the start of the breastfeeding journey rather than picking up bits and bobs as and when I needed them.

I'll always suggest buying a breast pump - you never know if you will need it, I did on day 3 when Isabelle was so hungry she was desperate and tired, I couldn't get her to latch on and it was so difficult. Luckily I expressed some and then quickly changed her onto my boob without her noticing.

Breastfeeding survival kit {imagine if you will, all these items in a cute little basket}
  1. Medela Hydrogel pads were an absolute life saver, they provided instant soothing relief when my milk first came in and you feel like Jordan! Haha. They were sooo hot, like heat hot I mean! And these hydrogel cooled them.
  2. Medela purelan cream - amazing stuff! If you get sore/cracked nipples (however yucky that sounds it may happen...) this cream is incredible and works instantly.
  3. Breastpads - again my favourites were by medela. (My favourite breastpump, also medela incase you're wondering!) 
  4. Mothercare nursing sleep bras - AMAZING. the ones that cross over. So comfy.
  5. A breastfeeding cover such as a Snoob.
  6. Numbers for the National Breastfeeding helpline and La Leche league helpline - They're brilliant! Told me exactly what it was I needed to do to get baby feeding, kept me calm when I was new to breastfeeding and felt like giving up.
  7. A fact sheet about breastfeeding and maybe a photo printed about how much milk te baby needs at each stage - I say these because sometimes it's easy to think you're not feeding your baby enough.
Have you any other suggestions on what could be included? I've probably missed some useful things.

Mary-Kate, x

Friday, 29 January 2016

Isabelle's toddler style post #1

I love seeing different outfits posted by other bloggers and also photos posted on Instagram of beautiful outfits their children are wearing as well as having a big obsession with clothes for Isabelle so I've decided I'll start picking some of my favourite each week to share on here.

Isabelle has more clothes than she needs and currently I am on a buying ban! I have also told family members to not buy any clothes for her upcoming birthday in March because she has more than we can fit into her drawers. I love the next sale and I think it's a great idea to 'stock up' on clothes whilst they are half price = I have far too many now.

Some of my favourite things she has worn this week:

 I love this little denim shirt from Next, it's got a very cute peterpan collar. The leggings are super comfy ones from Zara. Her frilly socks are from sainsburys and her shoes are comfy clarks ones!
 This is Isabelle's winter coat, it's from M&S and super warm. Her hat and mittens are my favourites which we are using for the second year! They were kindly sent to us from Toby Tiger and are truly made to last. The mittens are on a string = perfect for a toddler.

Her boots were a sale buy from Clarks so they fit her feet perfectly.

 Above is one of my favourite outfits she has, the dress is a gorgeous one from a previous Next range and has lovely fairies on it. The tights are also from Next and the headband is M&S. Her shoes are the Cinderella limited edition ones from Harrods. Her pink fluffy coat is from Asda.
I love this mix-match outfit of spots and stripes.. Both the skirt and the cardigan are from Debenhams by Junior J and again they were sale bargains! She's got those sparkly shoes on again!
How adorable is this chunky knitted jumper? I've got it ready for her to wear tomorrow. It's an old season of Next and the jeggings are from Next too. I wish I had that jumper!

Mary-Kate, x

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A new look barbie

As a mother of a little girl who before I know it will want to play with Barbie dolls, I can't tell you how happy I am to see the new look Barbie! They're now more representative of what real ladies look like.

Barbie has obviously been around my entire life and I did love them when I was younger, I don't remember questioning the way Barbie looked to be perfectly honest with you but I guess as I have grown up I've look at it differently, like many other people have been confused by why she had to have such unrealistic proportions.

Mattel launched three new ranges of dolls today which are; tall, curvy and petite. It's nice to see that they've finally taken the criticism on board and created a doll that is a better example for young girls to play with.

What do you think about the new range of dolls?


Thursday, 28 January 2016

Should One Born Every Minute be axed?

Something popped up on my facebook newsfeed from the Mirror and I just had to have my say on it because I'm clearly in that type of mood today.

It's about the very popular Channel 4 show called One Born Every Minute, if you haven't seen it then you've most probably heard of it before. I love it and think it's a great show although my partner Michael doesn't like it and won't watch it with me - that's his choice!

A therapist called Charlotte is asking for people to sign a petition calling for Channel 4 to ban the programme or at least portray a more balanced view of childbirth - the second comment I agree with but to ban it - completely disagree!

Charlotte said that she is finding increasing numbers of pregnant women are going to see her that are scared by the programme which to some extent I can understand but on the other hand, if you're pregnant for the first time just don't watch it or realise it's a TV programme - they're going to be picking what they think are the 'best bits' for tv unfortunately these aren't always positive reflections of birth but not everyone has a perfect positive birth and that is fact.
This photo shows me laying down while being monitored... for 3 hours before I was walking up and down the ward. That in my hand is my tens machine.

 First meeting my baby after I woke up! She was already over an hour old.
I watched one born every minute and it didn't scare me.

The programme is not somewhere for 'information', that's using it incorrectly, it's just a programme. For information - see your midwife.

I love the idea of home births - perhaps one born every minute could feature some of those to show a better picture of different types of births.

If you watched me in labour with my first, you'd of seen a young girl have a fairly easy labour but placenta getting retained and then being hooked up to machines as they were worried I was having a heart attack at 20 - would that scare you?

If you watched my second labour you'd see me eating brownies one minute - yummy ones from sainsburys and then the next minute everyone running in being rushed off to theatre to have an emergency C-section under general anaesthetic because I had a cord prolapse - that's life unfortunately things can go wrong and that's the truth! I was living that nightmare but my point is when it come to me being in labour, I wasn't giving any other woman I had seen on a tv programme a second thought!

Charlotte mentions that she "did a lot of work to clear out her subconscious fears about birth so that when the time came she felt very confident' .... 'I had a wonderful experience both times.....' ....'I didn't need to ask for help.'

Well let me tell you - I wasn't scared at all, my mum has had 8 children and I amazed her in labour with my first. But guess what it went all wrong with my second and guess what I didn't ASK for help I NEEDED help and without it my baby wouldn't be here safely. That doesn't make me less of a woman.

Being positive is good, don't get me wrong!

One born every minute has shown us a good insight to the reality of the maternity ward! some go brilliantly, some need help, some go terribly awful but they're real and having a baby hurts, you can't sugar coat it.

The vote that is currently up on the mirror page suggests that most people are with me on the opinion it should not be banned. What do you think?

I say keep one born every minute!

Mary-Kate, x