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Wedding photo list - just a few must have photos

Don't worry I haven't turned a complete control freak.... well, on our wedding day I had already given our photographers a list of photos that I wanted - not the entire list of the day, they are the professionals and know what they're doing better than I do but I know me, my family and what photos I wanted to get out of the day so it was helpful for all to know that. And yes, by all I do mean that I made a copy of it on the back of every order of the day! Eek. Control freak you scream. Bridezilla - oops.

So we haven't actually had our wedding photos back yet - we're ok with waiting for them to be perfect - no pressure Lee and Becky! hehe. So I've no idea what photos we will actually have but if I don't start writing about our wedding now I'm going to start forgetting things - at 28 the memory just isn't what it used to be ;) anyway I've got tonnes of wedding related reviews to get done so if I don't write what I can now then I really will forget little bits.

I know some of the photos on this list we won't have got and that's because I didn't know I wanted them until afterwards! That's why I'm hopeful that this post will be helpful to future bride and grooms.

When I first met Lee he took our family photos and we knew we wanted him to be our wedding photographer, roll on over a year and adding Becky into the picture meant that we had the perfect pair. They work together really well. Anyway, when we booked I said to Lee, no I definitely don't want bridal prep photos. WRONG. I regret that so much now, they would have been nice. So my first bit of advice would be that if your budget can afford for you to do bridal prep - do it. Even if, like me, you think you won't like the photos then just get them because if you hate them you can just put them to one side... if you don't have them you can never create them again. Stupid me thought that my bridesmaid would take a photo or my mum? they didn't. Urgh. I also think Becky would have made sure my dress was done up with the lace put inside properly (strops a little bit here).

The photos I would of had getting ready - photo of an invite, bride, brides mum and bridesmaid getting hair and make up done. Shoes. Dress hanging. Close up of dress. Putting dress on. Mother and bride. Photo of bride and bridesmaid ready. Close up of flowers. Getting into the wedding car.

Photos of the venue and any little extras you may have - we had a banner that was gifted by a company (review coming soon), sweet table (I'll tell you all about that in another post too), photo pallet and obviously our cake. I decorated all our table centre jam jars by hand so I wanted photos of those too to remember all the times I burnt myself with hot glue. Fun. I'm sure I've a scar or two to remember the exciting life I had for a few months. I'll be posting about that soon too.

Photo of the rings.

Photos of guests arriving - you may overlook this but I think those photos would be nice, to see a room suddenly being filled with your loved ones waiting for you.

The groom waiting and the groomsmen. I am hoping for natural shots of Michael, his best man ect because I don't think he would have coped very well posing pre wedding! We very much wanted natural photos of guests as they're just more 'real' in my opinion although I also love the posed ones.

Photos of the bridal party arriving, photo of the bride waiting to walk down the aisle. Photo of the bridal party and bride walking down the aisle. Any photos of children being cute in the ceremony.

Bride and groom in ceremony obviously and anyone doing a reading. We had Oliver doing our reading and a guest took a photo and a video which I will always cherish I STILL CANT BELIVE HE READ THAT!!! The little boy who up until he had his grommets fitted in 2015 he couldn't speak properly let alone read. Amazed. I think a fair few of the guests would have adopted him that day (well until the sugar kicked in later. Sorry about that parents!).

Photos of the bride/grooms parents.
The Kiss obviously!

The signing of register as a couple, then with witnesses. This now here is where I wish we got a photo of all of the bridal party, children ect. Would have been very sweet.

Walking out of the ceremony together!

Confetti - we had gorgeous confetti gifted to us, our favourite delphinium petals which I've mentioned before on here the-real-flower-petal-confetti-company

Group shots, family photos, friends ect. I made a detailed list of who was in what photo... did they listen? kinda.... did they need a friendly reminder - yeah? ofcourse.

Posed photo with your bridesmaid!! You may not think of it but you will want it.

Photo with the car.

Photos playing with the children with bubbles - they love bubbles and it will distract them.

Loads of couple shots.

Photos in the speeches

Photos of your shoes and close up details.

Sparkler photos are lovely but they're sometimes tricky to do. I probably didn't get the best sparklers in the world!  

Cutting the cake. I'd of liked the feeding each other cake photo but Michael wasn't keen!

First dance.

Guests dancing.

When picking your wedding photographer, it's important to know that their style suits what you want. The photos we saw by our photographer, I imagined myself in those photos and I was happy.

Our photographers were amazing, made us both feel very comfortable on the day and were fantastic with all guests including children. We spent a lot of time having our photo taken and I can't wait to see them. If you want to have a look at who we had - I haven't been asked in any way to link to them here* then here they are - Photography by L & R

Anything you think should be added to the list?

    Friday, 28 April 2017

    Bluebells 2017

    For years I've wanted to get some cute photos of the children in bluebells, it's probably because of all the bloggers I follow that have captured some beautiful ones over the years. I was so happy to find out about a very local place to us that had some gorgeous bluebells and loads of them! The best place to find out about these little secret spots? Facebook! Join local facebook groups, our local one is fab and people are often sharing little things to do and see that otherwise we wouldn't have known about.


    Wednesday, 26 April 2017

    Overactive bladder in children

    When you first become a parent, it's really hard to know what it 'normal' and what isn't, now that I'm a mum of two I can tell that actually it was very noticeable that Oliver (now 7 years old) had a problem with urinating his entire life. But how was I to know especially when I questioned if something could be wrong and doctors told me it was fine. Normal in fact.  As a first time mum with no previous knowledge to fall back upon for what was right and what needed some help - I had no idea what to do. I think it got to a point when Oliver was in year 1 at school and so often coming out with wet clothes in a bag and a really sad face that I realised something was very wrong here. I almost wanted another mum to say oh it's fine it's normal my child does that too - they didn't. He was the only one.

    Now that his little sister is potty trained, I've seen how different it is for most children to what it was like for Oliver. Isabelle is dry much earlier than Oliver is, she doesn't have accidents - maybe 4 maximum in the entire time we had been potty training her and she knows when she needs to go for a wee. She will get to the toilet on time and she doesn't need to be questioned that much if she needs a wee. All things Oliver seemed unable to do. I always, as well as others, put it down to him being a lazy boy. No. It wasn't because he was lazy, it was because when he told us he didn't know he needed a wee - he genuinely didn't know he needed a wee. I didn't believe him and I feel so guilty for the times I told him off - what do you do if you're on a day out with a 6 year old and they wet themselves in front of everyone?
    Last year we finally got an answer as to why Oliver kept having wee accidents, for years I tried to get the doctor to listen, to refer Oliver to find out what was happening and why he needed at 6 years old to be woken up at night time and taken to the toilet for a wee or if we didn't he would wet the bed. Making sure he didn't have much to drink in the hours leading up to bedtime didn't make any difference either. It turns out that he has an overactive bladder.

    Overactive bladder is a form of urinary incontinence - the involuntary release of urine. A child who has an overactive bladder will need to urinate more often than other children and sometimes it's urgent - they don't make it to the toilet because there body won't have given them time to get there. It's not that they don't care. It's that they don't know.

    What I didn't really understand at first is why? Basically their bladder muscles have uncontrollable spasms. Muscles surrounding the tube which urine passes through from the bladder can be affected too - they are meant to stop the urine from being able to leave the body however the spasms means they don't do their job correctly.

    In most cases children do outgrow overactive bladders, I think it's something like 15% less each year over the age of 5 years are affected but if the child doesn't outgrow it then their is medication they cant be put on - which is what Oliver has. Oxybutynin which works by relaxing the bladder muscles to stop urinary problems happening.

    They can also do bladder training which is something I need to ask Oliver's consultant next time we see him. I'm surprised I haven't asked him already because Oliver has been on the tablets for a while now with no improvement, if his misses a tablet he will wet himself.

    So if you're spotting something similar in your child - boy or girl, don't leave it! Believe them when they say they didn't know it was coming and take them to the doctors because there is a chance they really didn't know it was coming! Even something simple as a urine infection can cause this - although it wont stay like Oliver's.

    Tuesday, 25 April 2017

    First day at nursery

    For months now Isabelle has been asking to go to school, Oliver never asked this and I know it must be because every morning we take Oliver to school and she watches her big brother go off with his friends for what she can only assume in year 3 is actually just playing and drawing pictures of dinosaurs (obviously, who knows what work is when they're only 3 years old themselves?)

    She was so excited by the idea of starting her nursery on Monday, we got all of her uniform ready and she as so pleased with the idea of being a big girl. It was really important to me that Isabelle was potty trained by the time she started nursery so I was delighted when she outgrew the pull ups! She's so good having only had a few accidents over the last month.

    The nursery has a uniform so she'll be wearing a white polo shirt and a cardigan, with a grey skirt and some tights in the winter. Summer will be school striped summer dress and knowing Isabelle there'll be a matching hair bow then too.
    She's got her nursery bag - it was a birthday present from my mum, it's one of the mini backpacks from Cath Kidston - I'm so jealous, I'd totally use it myself.
    For her shoes it was a tricky situation - she's going 3 mornings a week to begin with so I didn't want to end up paying £34 on a nice clarks pair... then I found some black plimsolls with a flower on in M&S and she loves them - best thing was they were only £5.

    Tights I completely forgot to get grey ones but they didn't mind her wearing her cream ones (which she actually wears for ballet!), her skirt I got from Sainsburys - £6 for a two pack so I was pleased with that.

    Monday morning walking to nursery she fell over, cutting her knee. We popped a plaster on it and carried on walking to nursery. She was already sad at this point and changed her mind deciding nursery wasn't for her after all. In the end when we arrived a nursery she remembered their toilets were really noisy and she cried being taken into the nursery.... by the time I picked her up she was fine! (I however spent hours worrying if she liked it or not!) They said they would call me after 30 minutes to let me know she was ok but they had so much to do and as I can fully appreciate they were busy, they called at 11:30am, she got upset a few times but over all I think it was a pretty good first attempt of leaving mummy for 3 hours with strangers.

    It makes me kind of sad that my baby is growing up so quickly, she has no idea that the school cycle has started now and she'll be in that until she's 16 years old for sure - maybe longer if she decides she wants to continue with education. It took me a while to decide to send her to nursery before September when she would usually be starting nursery but she is so ready to make friends and learn lots of new things.

    Isabelle's nursery seems lovely but it really wouldn't have suited Oliver - every child is so different you need to find what suits them and go with that. Oliver's first day at nursery was dreadful - by day 2 I took him out of the nursery and moved him to another, one which didn't have a very good ofsted report but guess what? it was amazing and worked so well for him. I'm happy Isabelle's first day went well and she will stay there. She seems to like 'the teacher with all the rings' - I'll be looking for rings tomorrow morning now! And praying that she goes into the nursery without screaming for me.  

    MK x

    Saturday, 15 April 2017

    Photobooth at a wedding

    If you're planning your wedding then you probably have seen the trend of photo booths, I remember suggesting one to Michael and him replying with a very quick definite no.  I even ordered a little photo booth accessory pack thinking that we could do our own diy photo booth corner but he didn't really like that idea either. He was anti photobooth's - That was until we were at a wedding fair and we found ourselves sat in one testing it out. We loved it. I didn't want to spend all of that money on it - my first thought was that's money that would have to be cut off my budget for my wedding dress. Michael changed his quick definite no to a lets put a deposit down on this thing today! So we did. I knew the children would love it and I hoped that the adults would get on board with it too - they did.

    I loved it and actually don't regret a penny that we spent on it. I wish we had got in there with our own children, I honestly am worried that our professional photos will come back and we wont have many with our children they didn't seem to want to be near us on the wedding day - I should have paid them to have more photos! haha.
    If you're planning to have a photo booth at your wedding then do it, it's fun and you'll love it.

    Look at this angel looking for the lion on the green screen....

    My husband being eaten by a dinosaur whilst I keep smiling... Cramping my style Mr!

    Friday, 14 April 2017

    potty training a girl

    I've potty trained a boy and a girl - Isabelle, my second child is now completely dry in the day having turned 3 years old last month she is very proud of herself in her big girl pants. Some may say at 3 years old to be just out of knickers she's slow but she isn't slow, every child boy or girl will be potty trained at their own pace. It's not a race.

    If like me you've read blog posts about potty training in a week and been confused how they had managed it then I'll tell you the answer - every single child is different and that's something we can't change. Does it matter if it take you longer than a week or longer than two weeks even? No. Every child will one day be potty trained - don't stress. Plus social media parents are so fabulous at painting their lives to be better than they actually are causing us normal parents to feel rubbish or like we are doing something wrong - remember that life isn't always what it seems, you may get told the toddler is dry within a week but did they mention they stayed in ALL week, cleaned up about 100 wees on the floor?? Well, I waited until my child was ready and we have had about 5 accidents if that - not all full wees either, some just in a rush to get to the toilet and a few of them are my fault for not making sure the toilet seat was on because bless the little darling for taking herself off to the toilet without telling me she needed a wee!

    Potty training has been so different this time and that's because of several reasons a big one being that she's a girl and they say girls are quicker than boys, another fact is this time I've been more relaxed - I've waited until she is ready, I've listened to the signs and she's done so much better than I had expected. I didn't rush her out of pull ups, I let her feel confident to stop using them. It's lucky that we have potty trained her in time for nursery starting at the end of this month however she may have some accidents there whilst she gets used to it. I invested in a travel potty so she could know she was able to go when she to. She's also got Oliver to copy so when we're getting ready to leave the house they'll both be asked to go for a wee. This is something that he didn't have.

    My top tips for potty training would be to not rush into buying knickers straight away, leave these until your toddler is confident and then let them pick which characters they would like on them, this makes them feel really grown up and may actually encourage them to keep the pants dry.

    Don't waste money on buying branded pull ups buy Peppa Pig pull ups from Asda - they're just as good if not better than more expensive versions plus toddlers love Peppa! (I prefer Asda nappies over any other brand! and we are currently using the asda pull ups at night for her!) Toddlers love stickers for being good and sweets too. These will encourage them to 'be good'.

    Make sure you let your toddler know that it's ok to have accidents and understand that accidents happen to everyone and get a travel potty like the one we have got, 'my carry potty'.

    Don't rush them to be dry and don't stress yourself out, potty training isn't fun! Get some Dettol wipes :)

    Paw Patrol Live! Race to the rescue

    The UK’s Favourite Pups Star in a Heroic Musical Adventure Coming to the UK this summer
    London, Monday 10 April - PAW Patrol, Nick Jr.’s phenomenally popular property produced by Spin Master Entertainment, has added further dates to its PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue” UK tour with shows confirmed in London, Nottingham, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, and Cardiff throughout August 2017.
    The 2017 UK tour schedule is now as follows:
    Friday 4th & Saturday 5th August - The SSE Arena, Wembley London (show times 11:00, 13:30, 16:30 daily)
    Wednesday 9th August - Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham (show times 10:30, 13:30, 16:30 daily)
    Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th August - Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham (show times 10:30, 13:30, 16:30 daily)
    Wednesday 16th August - Echo Arena, Liverpool (show times 10:30, 13:30, 16:30 daily)
    Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th August - Manchester Arena (show times 10:30, 13:30, 16:30 daily)
    Wednesday 23rd August - First Direct Arena, Leeds (show times 10:30, 13:30, 16:30 daily)
    Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th August - Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff (show times 10:30, 13:30, 16:30 daily)
    Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd September - SEC Armadillo, Glasgow (show times 10:30, 13:30, 16:30 daily))
    Tuesday 5th to Thursday 7th September – The SSE Arena, Belfast (show times 10:30, 13:30, 16:30 daily)
    Friday 8th to Sunday 10th September - Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Dublin (8th Sept 16:30 show only, 9th & 10th show times 10:30, 13:30, 16:30 daily)
    Tickets for PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue” throughout August at the additional seven locations go on general sale from Thursday 13th April 2017 at
    About the show:
    PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue” shows that “No job is too big, no pup is too small!” and shares lessons for all ages about community, social skills and problem solving as the characters each use their unique skills and teamwork. When Mayor Goodway goes missing during the day of the Great Adventure Bay Race, the pups come to the rescue. Families can join Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, Skye and Everest for the show’s first tour in UK and Ireland. Running at 80 minutes, PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue” includes two acts and an intermission. The show is set to engage audiences with Bunraku puppetry, an innovative costuming approach that brings the PAW Patrol characters to life on stage with their vehicles and packs. 

    As a family we love going to live shows of programmes the children like and we love Paw Patrol so we think the new Paw Patrol live! Race to the rescue show looks fantastic - this is the best press release I've got all year.

    Isabelle is 3 years old and absolutely Paw Patrol crazy whilst Oliver loves it too - he probably wouldn't admit it to the boys at football but he will happily watch it with his sister - other programmes suitable for her age he will moan about, he loves to watch Lego - anything lego obviously. hmmm Paw Patrol lego???? Just an idea for you Lego Group eh? Anyway I like that he watches it happily, we live in a world where our children are in my opinion growing up too quickly. Just the other day I saw a post about a lady thinking her 11 year old daughter should wear a more 'grown up' dress to an event - like seriously? If your child who is still very young anyway wants to look like a child - that they are!!! - then let them and be proud that your daughter isn't in a big rush to grow up. Childhood is over in a flash, that's why I'm a strong believer that things like live shows with children, trips to theatres and cinemas - although sometimes expensive are actually really good things to do, it's the little days out to the local park and the big trips to see Paw Patrol Live that all add up to making the best childhood your child could imagine. I love how Isabelle will think that it is actually Chase and Skye on stage. Just last week she lined up with myself and grandma to meet Marshall - so excited, then obviously scared and wanted me to hold her - all she had to ask him though was "where's skye?" (that's another thing with my children I always get the feeling they want more more more! ... as with all children I guess).

    Everest is a firm favourite in our house - who's yours?

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