Sunday, 15 November 2015

Mum to be Christmas gift guide 2015

It's been a few years since I was pregnant at Christmas now but I just wanted to do a Christmas gift guide to give some other people ideas on what to get expectant mums for Christmas. Looking back I've got a few ideas now on things that would be really useful after babies arrival and also some bits that are nice for mum before hand too.

A girl can never have enough diamonds or chocolate ? So obviously if anyone wants to buy me either that's fine........ hehe
Every new mum needs a changing bag, I've got a bit of a changing bag obsession and these are four of my favourites. Pink Lining, Il tutto, Pacapod and Mia Tui. All are really good bags, brilliant size and all look really good too. I couldn't pick a favourite but I've narrowed it down to these four.

 Some pampering products for mum to be - these champneys blissful bump are actually much cheaper than you might think! They make great gifts and smell gorgeous.
 Any expectant mum will love these milestone baby cards, such a clever idea!
 Lamb is here again...... a beautiful gift set for both mum and baby from Babes with babies. Although they look good enough to eat, they are for the bath!
 Some pretty jewellery for mum to be, this Mexican bola necklace is a great idea. Isabelle used to kick me when the necklace hit my bump. She loved it when she was born too as if she remembered it!
 Comes in a very cute little pouch making it the perfect gift!
 Can I just say this is the BESTEST nipple cream ever. Medela I salute you, not the 'normal' Christmas present but if someone gave this to me when I was expecting Oliver, forget the diamond this would of been enough, I'd of married them......... haha. Seriously, amazing.
 to make it more christmasy what about a medela breastcare kit??  Hehe... can you tell I loved it!
 Breastfeeding pillow, sooo useful and sooo pretty.  Perfect for C-section mums too as its high and will keep you from having baby on your sore tummy!


Hopefully that's given you a few ideas, all of these items were ones I've found really useful and would of been delighted to have received.
Mary-Kate, x

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Babies first christmas gift guide

I'm going to be doing several Christmas gift guides in the lead up to Christmas! I thought it would be a good idea to start with babies first Christmas gift ideas, I've had two of these little baby creatures now so I should know some good ideas... she says. Ah the days before stepping upon lego - ouch! If you're reading this then chances are you've got a new baby, just you wait until their toys start to hurt you! The lego is a killer. Oliver has a car mat in his room and sometimes its not even like I'm not looking where I'm going, honestly I think he may plan it to just be a meanie!! ....he did leave a toy spider in my bed once or twice! Not scary the second time but the first.... not proud of my scream lets just say that.

Christmas for new babies isn't going to mean much to them but to you it's going to be really special so I'd suggest buying one keepsake, my favourite place to get a keepsake is definitely My 1st Years there items are so gorgeous and really good prices, personalised too! Their gift boxes are great also, a fab idea is to use the box as your 'babies memory box', I've got Isabelle's first bits and bobs inside one to keep them safe. Her hospital name bracelet, first outfit to name a few.

A walker is a brilliant idea for a first Christmas present if your little one isn't walking already, Isabelle loved hers so much as it helped her get from a to b which she was so desperate to do.
Books, always a great present and our favourite ones for babies are "That's not my..." there is about 44 books in the range and we have abour 30. I love them! Oliver loved them when he was small and now Isabelle loves one. I don't often leave the house without one to be honest with you!
Clothes, you really can't go wrong with clothes at this age because mum will love them!! Baby doesn't really notice so it's ok to sneak in a few. Trust me when they're older they will only like certain clothing presents, either character or fancy dress... so again character! Normal clothes is a nono... I guess that's until they're a teenager so do it now!
LAMB! By jellycat... you can buy it from Babes With Babies....... it's so cute and Isabelle won't sleep without her lamb. She loves it! This was a photo before she was born.... Lamb has been with Isabelle for almost 20 months and is a bit tatty to be honest!


 Natures Purest is one of my favourite brands, any of their items would make a fantastic gift. I still want this beautiful ragdoll for Isabelle. I think it would be perfect for a newborn baby girls first Christmas to have with her every day!
Babycademy would make a perfect Christmas present for baby! we all want to get to baby groups but its not always that easy! This pack makes a music class at home possible. It's really good and Isabelle absolutely loved it when she was a baby.
 Some lovely baby toiletries would make a fab present. Treat baby to some pampering by Sophie La giraffe cosmetics! Isabelle has very very sensitive skin but when we had these products they were absolutely perfect for her. (I even used the face cream myself! it was really good)
A little keepsake like this one from next, hanging with the date of birth is a lovely thing to have. Isabelle has this one in her bedroom. I loved this range so much I also brought the light shade to match.

I hope this post has given you a few ideas, I could literally get carried away but it's also really important to remember not to get carried away with Christmas presents for babies - or children in fact. its not about how much you spend or how many presents they have.

Mary-Kate, x

Thursday, 12 November 2015

A charmed life - scarborough

I won't have my dad to walk me down the aisle which is horrible. I'm lucky to have one of my brothers, James walking me down on my dad's behalf.

On my flowers I'm going to have this charm which is a photo of my dad and if you look closely too... there's a fish too! which he was really proud of catching on our last holiday together in Ireland 2005. He passed away in 2007, just before I turned 18 so he never met Oliver or Isabelle. I have photos of him around the house and Oliver often comes out with things about granddad Arthur. I know that they would of been really close.

I was looking for something like this on my Dad's birthday in October, when I stumbled upon A charmed life - Scarborough and it was a bargain price of £8 including postage!

*I was not asked to write this little post, I brought this item and I love it! I hope someone else who is looking for something similar to this would love to be able to purchase one too.*

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

photo booths - yay or nay ?

We're currently planning our wedding for 2017 so you're going to see a few random wedding posts pop up every now and then.

We went to a wedding fair last month where Michael fell in love with a photobooth!! The one who completely turned his nose up when I suggested one... he loved it, the one we have booked has a green screen and we can't wait to get loads of photos with our guests and also see the ones they get without us afterwards!

The kids are going to absolutely love it too. It wasn't originally in our 'wedding budget' but you only get married once right? And we want to remember it being a really fun evening, not one where people are sat around doing nothing, bored, waiting until it reaches a 'reasonable' time to make your excuses and leave. We want to make sure people have a great time!

Did you have a photobooth at your wedding or have you been to one with a photobooth? What did you think? Worth the money or total waste of time?

Mary-Kate, x

p.s. how good does my future husband look?! He's recently lost 3 stone by cutting out bread, pasta, pizza because he had to go wheat free, hes also cut down on cake and biscuits too as well as all those sweets he used to eat... I just don't understand why I'm not losing weight too *eats chocolate and thinks about the hot chocolate in the cupboard*

p.p.s. look at the photo below, I love Michaels face near the 'wow' photo - he had no idea that was actually going to be near a 'wow', good timing!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

19 months already

 Isabelle Rose.

My little lady is 19 months already, how quickly did that go? Aren't toddlers of this age amazing. Their little brains are always on the go, they're like sponges soaking everything up which is incredible to watch. Call me soppy but I absolutely love being this little girls mummy and I feel so so lucky I get to spend every day with her. Don't get me wrong, she's a handful, some nights we don't get much sleep and she has been known to bite Oliver or slap him for no reason (sometimes he does wind her up tho!) Sometimes I think, hmmm shouldn't she be speaking more by now? so she can actually tell me what she needs instead of screaming until she gets it. But then I realise every child is different and she can do things that others can't, like they can do things she cannot. I love watching her try her hardest to jump at baby ballet, it's adorable and she's so proud of herself when she thinks she's done it.
On a Monday she has baby ballet with Anna, who I went to primary school with! Isabelle loves it and has already starting listening to things shes meant to be doing.
Tuesdays are our toddler dance day with Lisa who is always so happy! - can you tell, Isabelle likes dancing?
Wednesday.... nah that's it, we don't have any other groups we go to :) I'm not that organised!!! I've been meaning to get the paint out with her for a few days now but something always gets in the way.

We have just discovered that she can have skips! Having so many allergies including dairy, wheat, soya, egg and potato, food can be erm tricky! Skips were an amazing discovery for us. Her other fav snacks include kiddylicious smoothie melts, like you can see she's very hungry after ballet and needs some. Itsy bitsy bears were another amazing find, free from everything she can't have little cookies. Moo free bars are obviously up there with her favourites too! Coconut collaborative frozen yoghurt is actually really nice, it was great to find an ice cream that she could have. The raspberry flavour is the nicest!

Bread wise she's still got her ener-g white rice bread, which tastes awful - that's if you know what 'bread' tastes like in the first place! but we've recently discovered some amazing free from wraps that are suitable for Isabelle to have and she loves them. They're by Newburn bakehouse, warburtons and cost about £3 for four which is alot but it's free from so much and enables us to make her not only wraps but pizza too!

Milk wise she's no longer breastfed, we stopped that at 14 months... it was just the right time for us both to stop. She's now on neocate lcp and with her breakfast she has koko coconut milk. When she wants to have a milkshake she has straws in banana, strawberry or chocolate which she loves.
She's still having 3 bottles per day of 5oz-7oz each bottle.

She loves getting her shoes on and being outside, when she see's a puddle you can see her little eyes light up wanting to jump right in. She's still parent facing in her pushchair, we just love having a little chat... ok ok, she screams a lot in there when shes grumpy, tired or just doesn't want to be in there so it's a good way to a) distract her by pointing at a tree... or bus?! b) bribe her with tasty treats. oh dear. oh well. She won't be small forever!


Monday, 9 November 2015

I lost my way a little..

When I started blogging this was somewhere to write my thoughts, memories - hints why I picked the name Mummy memories and at the time there wasn't another mummy memories out there... but it quickly turned into reviewing products which don't get me wrong is amazing! I loved discovering new products and sharing them on here, the problem come when Isabelle wasn't getting much sleep meaning that we weren't getting much sleep and meaning that my fun hobby, my blog, turned into a chore and that's not what I wanted it to be. So I just didn't write on here. I'm back now and although I'll review some bits and bobs that I've brought and also finish off reviewing products that I haven't got around to. This will remain somewhere for my memories and my random rambles, having said that I absolutely love a giveaway so if I ever get offered those I will definitely host them.

So I'm back and I can't believe my little lady is already 19 months old, it's gone so quickly and feels like yesterday I was starting my blog about being pregnant with her. I loved being pregnant with her... even for the 11 days over. She's such a girly girl. She loves her handbags and her shoes. She's already the proud owner of a Radley bag (£3.51 from ebay!) and a cath kidson kids bag (charity shop find for 50p). I love the local charity shop, the amount of kids books we have picked up in there is amazing, we love a good book and wouldn't be able to afford to have as many as we do if it wasn't for the charity shop.

Oliver is now 6 years old! he's loving school which is fantastic and now his ears work after having grommets fitted in June he's catching up with school, reading and writing he is below ARE (age related expectations) but in everything else he is within. They're due to his hearing, he's got a tutor after school once a week and she's really helping him to catch up. The school have got his having speech and language therapy as his S used to be a F... so suck was a cringe-y word for us when we were out with him in a fish shop for example and he saw a 'sucky' fish!!!

Michael has lost 3 stone in weight....... 3 stone! I didn't even notice before that he had 3 stone to lose. I really need to get a move on and lose some weight before we get married in 2017 because I refuse to have to buy a bigger size dress... if you're a 14, some bridal designers you have to get an 18 or even bigger and that made me feel pants...... maybe I'll just cut the size label out! Sew in a new smaller size one hehe.

We went for family photos last week, they were... interesting to say the least. The photographer has got lots of the kids running around, looking forward to see if there is even one that is a nice family photo! Isabelle danced to ed sheeran thinking out loud for some of it with her jellycat lamb, she got sent it before she was born from Babes With Babies and she has it with her every single day, she wont sleep without it. Lamb has had coco pops so she's very 'clean' !!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

parenting liar liar pants on fire!

Sometimes it's other parents that make our days so much shitter and it shouldn't be, we should be in this together. I know my children aren't perfect, they are not genius' but they are lovely... sometimes, I mean when Isabelle isn't doing her high pitch scream! & when Oliver isn't moaning about some thing or another or like he did this morning told me I was too fat.. yeah thanks *thinks to self* you just lost your pudding mate! I might be chubbier than I was before I had Isabelle but so what, I'll lose it slowly (preferably in the next 18months before I have to wear a white dress) but right now I'm comfort eating these early terrible twos days away.

What gets me the most is when other parents make you feel like they're competing with you, it's something that unfortunately I've experienced a fair few times over the last 6 years of being a mum and I just don't understand why its required. I would rather tell you actually this is really hard, I'm struggling a little, I'm tired or I need 5 minutes peace.

There's some parents who when you tell them for example Isabelle says nah-nahh meaning banana they come back with oh well my *insert name here... I couldn't think of one!* can actually say the alphabet at 10 months, knows all of his colours and tells me he loves me every night before he goes to sleep - perfectly by himself every night without fail I might add, sleeping through the night until atleast like 9am so I can wake up and look perfectly perfect each day, make up already done and everything sorted for the day ahead, probably even got a perfectly cleaned home. Yes, really? Ok. Well I'm clearly doing something majorly wrong here or you're a liar liar pants on fire! I have a messy house but I've got happy kids so that's fine.

So to other mums out there that have ever experienced a parent like this...
  1. Smile but ignore what they're saying. No child is perfect! They're perfect to us and we love them more than anything but they are not Albert Einstein and Mother Teresa all in one. Why do these parents need to make others feel bad? to make themselves feel better? No sense. Lets just be nice.
  2. If your child like my son Oliver is behind with something, his is reading - it's fine! They will catch up, I did when I was little and I can obviously read ok now. I hated when he had his phonics test at the end of year 1, seems so stressful for them especially because he knew it was happening, he hadn't been able to hear because of glue ear so he got a bit behind anyway and then he had 3 weeks off school because of half term, having his grommets operation then tonsillitis and scarlet fever. The day he went back he had his phonics test and failed to get the pass mark so he was very upset. We have got him a tutor and obviously we help him too but we have found he works better with someone else!! I learnt so by sitting on the stairs listening to him read with his tutor. I mean honestly, I am basically begging or bribing this child with treats in exchange for him reading the book to me but with his tutor oh wow he can suddenly read it? Thank you muchly Oliver.
  3. If your toddler has tantrums out in public as hard as it is just go with the flow! You might get some dirty looks but a lot of the looks you're going to get are from other parents thinking 'Been there!!' It is really hard when you're trying everything you can think of to get this tiny person to stop screaming the loudest they possibly can. You know they're frustrated about something but what?! Helpful suggestions get me, "do you think you should pick her up or let her walk?" oh what so I can get to where I need to be so much slower, I'm clearly running a little late but otherwise great suggestion thanks..
  4. Emergency snacks are fine! I often find myself giving Isabelle some smoothie melts to keep her quiet so I can quickly have a look around a shop or drink a cup of tea while it's still warm... ah warm tea. isn't that nice.

I know there are some children that are practically perfect in every way! Mine obviously are, like totally perfect. Oliver never wakes me up anymore, Isabelle is potty trained and speaking to me lots and yeah ok I'm lying. But seriously just because our children are perfect to us, they don't need to be 'perfect' at everything. Relax competitive mums & dads and stop making others feel pants.

Kind regards,
The tired grumpy mum - that should of been my blog name! dammit.