Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Milestone wedding cards

Wedding planning is exciting, stressful (and expensive) all rolled into one meaning it can be easy to forget those little memories it would be nice to remember! It bugs me looking at photos unable to remember when it was... if you've posted it that day on facebook then great it'll remind you but if like a lot of people you don't then it's so easy to forget. One little wedding thing is that I have been so shocked at prices people pay for things, I know some people dream of the perfect things and they can afford to do so but to us as a family spending a massive amount on one day it's just not something we would like to do (or can afford to do either...) we want to have a cute wedding surrounded by people we love, make memories together, seeing smiles on peoples faces and still be able to afford to feed our family afterwards so on my blog I'll be sharing lots of bargains I've found along the way - probably alot more after so we keep some secret from our guests should anyone I know actually read my blog hehe. I am loving planning little bits and bobs now, some people have annoyed me with their opinions but I'm going to be stubborn and have what we want now because at the end of the day it's our day. Hopefully it'll be just once right Michael??

On Saturday something really very cute arrived in the post, they fit in with the idea of a cute wedding (They also fit in perfectly with the idea of a huge wedding too) you may have seen me post a photo of them over on Instagram - Milestone cards! You've most probably seen the baby milestone cards which are super sweet, we had some for Isabelle but move over baby cards because now there's brand new Milestone wedding cards on the block and if you're planning your wedding then they are something you should purchase! They arrived just in time - about half an hour before we left to visit the florist and book our wedding flowers which I'll be blogging about soon. So I got to use my very first card before I had even had a proper look at them.

In the box you'll find 30 cards marking different milestones in your wedding planning which have been designed by fashion illustrator Danielle Kroll. They are decorated very cutely in a pastel, whimsical and timeless fashion. There's a place to write the date on each of the cards if you want to so that you can remember the exact date that it was taken which is a lovely little feature.

There's meeting with the florist, I said yes to the dress, deciding on the menu, the location is booked to name just a few and also some countdown ones which are a lovely way to share the countdown to your wedding in photos. Mine will probably be an excited face at 1 week before and then the night before the wedding will be a scared face!

They are definitely going to be very popular with brides-to-be so they can capture every special moment from YES! to I do. Wedding planning can be so fun and these cards mean you can share the fun on social media too. I have already started posting photos of them on instagram.

There's a poster included so you can tick off which you've done (I have added a little photo further down so you can see what that looks like) - a good way of remembering to complete them all as it's so often easy to forget.
There's also a few others included such as special cards for you to write what you like most about your future wife/husband. Hmmm I wonder what Michael will say about me!

I plan to share photos with you of the cards along the way in separate posts so I'll keep reminding readers where I got the cards but as we have been engaged for some time now (we are getting married in March) there are a few that I've already done and can't really work them into their own post so I'll share a photo of those with you here now. (The newly found Instagram love in me is thinking if only they were around before and Michael got me some with the ring..... haha! Good idea though hey?!) 

Aren't they really cute?! I am delighted with them and think they are a fantastic idea. I would definitely suggest them to a friend. I'll be posting more about Milestone Wedding Cards over the coming months in the wedding planning.

They cost £12.99 and you can find them here on their website -   click here! or on Amazon too click here!

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Please note that I was kindly sent these for free for the purpose of this review but all of the opinions are my own.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Moving house with children

Well that was easy - said no one ever to move with children!

My blog suddenly went silent - I do that every now and then. It's lovely to come back to see actually I've had some page views whilst I've been silent, I don't really check the page views or tots100 or any blog ranking thing because it kinda makes me feel like I'm back at school not being popular and sometimes I'd rather not know! I would love to be one of those bloggers that can keep writing through anything that life throws at them but unfortunately I'm just not so I'm not going to pretend to be. I love writing on here and speaking to people because of it especially allergy mums meaning we can help each other with safe food ideas (I know, not very 'cool').

So the reason for our silence this time? Well, we privately rent unlike a lot of the bloggers that I follow we didn't have this amazing house that we owned, we weren't getting an extension or anything and we didn't have an amazing bathroom to post photos of to make others jealous that we were going to be having this glorious bubble bath with candles and bits... perhaps I follow these bloggers because I love their Instagram photos of gorgeous houses? instead we had a privately rented house which was mouldy! Yep... mouldy.

We have lost count of how many hours we spent cleaning mould off the ceilings in all of the bedrooms, downstairs toilet and bathroom. It was a lot! To be honest, when the landlord said he was selling the house it was a bit of a relief however finding somewhere else was going to be hard because there was nothing advertised in the area that would of fit us all in, luckily after posting a desperate plea on a local facebook page someone replied and that someone is now my next door neighbour! His neighbour was looking for a tenant and it hadn't been listed on the market yet = lucky.

The landlord gave us 2 months to leave - we gave him our 1 months notice which was a risk but luckily we found somewhere else in time! It was a rushed move.

So now, we have finally moved. To a smaller house but it's a lovely house. Isabelle and Oliver now share a bedroom which actually has gone as good as it could of done. They were incredibly unsettled to begin with but now their behaviour is slowly improving - however, Isabelle has started terrible 2s I'm sure!!!! That's something for another post. We have beautiful fire places and rooms!!! Actual doors that separate living areas instead of open plan like last time. We have a loft that is now acting as a playroom and we have the cutest bath! The shower is amazing - I love washing my hair, it's long and with the old shower would take AGES to get the shampoo out... now my excuse for taking so long to get ready is simply that I LOVE THAT SHOWER! Oliver even requests to have a shower?!
Our kitchen. I love.... the sink... the oven.... everything.

We have a garden!! It needs some work - luckily I happen to know a gardener! Hehe.

It may be smaller but it's big enough for us! I am now proud to share Instagram photos of our home.

If you're about to move with children - it's hard, they tantrum and make everything difficult but it's a huge change and they will settle down.. eventually.

Friday, 15 April 2016

When your life gets turned upside down

Currently we privately rent. A few days ago, we were already having a rubbish day and we got an email that made it even worse - the landlord is selling his house! We have 2 months to find somewhere else and there really isn't much on offer around here at the moment which worries me a lot. I don't want to move away from the area - Oliver is doing really well at school currently and to have to change his school again would be really upsetting for him as well as probably set him back at bit which obviously, we really do not want to happen. Since he had his 'ears fixed' - grommets fitted, he's caught up a lot. He struggled before because he couldn't hear properly. So to change a shy little boy to another school again wouldn't be good - not only that but I've checked other schools in areas we could find somewhere and actually there isn't any space for him anyway so what then - home school?! I'd be rubbish at that, I'm not going to pretend that I would be good at that because there's no point. I am not a teacher in a school, I'm a mother and whilst I do teach my children things, I'm unable to offer that school environment that I think benefits children very much indeed.

So the hunt is on to find somewhere & quickly!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

An inspired update - food one!

I'm finding it tricky to have time to go to the gym at the moment - it's still easter holidays for Oliver so I've got two children to find someone to look after. Also, walking back it's so dark and to be honest I don't like one bit of the walk back in the dark on my own so I don't want to do that. I have been continuing to feel inspired with my food though, they really have changed my meals already!

I wanted to keep a little update here every so often about food I have been eating.

For breakfast instead of coco pops I have changed for thing such as turkey bacon with scrambled egg or poached eggs on salmon.
For lunch I have swapped my cheese & ham or tuna mayo sandwich with a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar (or 2) for a wholemeal wrap, cooked chicken & spinach with peppers. Or a turkey stir fry with rice noodles.
For dinner I have swapped my chips for sweet potato chips, I have been having things like homemade burgers with sweet potato chips and veg or a chicken stir fry.
I'm feeling really inspired food wise, being a binge eater it's really a big deal to me to eat better and honestly feel like I've been eating completely different things AND enjoying them the last few days!

Have you got any favourite healthier options at the moment? Please share them if you do - @mummymemories on twitter or you can find me on facebook - facebook mummy memories

Another first for Oliver! He's been waiting for this one.

As soon as you get pregnant there's so many 'firsts' that happen... first scan, first kick, first labour, first baby, first smile, first laugh, first word and first steps - the amazing list goes on and on.

Today we had another first, it's been a while since we had a first and this one was a first that made me shout wow that's so cool and give Oliver a massive cuddle. I don't know why but it made me a little sad, sad because it makes it all a bit more real about the fact he is actually growing up, getting bigger and soon will no longer want to hold my hand or give me cuddles. You've probably guessed what the first was by now... He finally has his first wobbly tooth! Oliver is 6 & a half years old, some of his friends have been losing their teeth for a while and he was getting a little inpatient about it all but today when he sat down to eat his lunch, he noticed his bottom tooth was wobbly. We had to call grandma straight away to let her know the big news! He was so excited that finally a tooth is wobbly.
He was also jumping up and down at the fact that the tooth fairy will soon be making her first visit to our house! He then said to me that the tooth fairy pays about £8 per first tooth and a £1 coin for each tooth after... SAY WHAT! £8... as if. I told him, I don't think so Mr Oliver. It's £2 for the first tooth and 50p thereafter actually! (£8?! Mum where is my other £7.50?!)

I told him that the fairy gives max £2 per first tooth - it has to be in perfect condition so lots of brushing your teeth and 50p per tooth after that... He was very happy with that, he's still at that innocent age where he just thinks £1 is a lot of money. If only hey?

How much does the tooth fairy give in your house? Do you have a little box to keep their first tooth in? I will definitely be adding Oliver's to his baby box.

(I must make sure that I remember to have coins in the house now!)

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Nail polish that actually dries quickly!

Recently I've had a few nice comments about my nails and thought I'd share what nail polish I'm currently using here.

Why? Because I was so fed up of spending money on nail polish that just didn't live up to my expectations! I haven't been asked to write this post and I have no been gifted the product, I just think they're great and wanted to help others with nail dramas!

I guess I want to add a new bit into my blog that isn't just mummy mummy mummy... to go with my Fat To Fit!? Section. I know I'm a mum, I love being a mum and I feel very lucky to be a mum but sometimes I don't feel like 'me' anymore, I don't ever get my hair cut and I quickly dye my own hair every now and then when I can actually be bothered. So I thought it would be nice to start spending more time doing something for myself = nails.

I love having freshly painted nails, it's a little pick me up and having an option of different colours enables you to feel different with little effort required. It's nice to feel girly. I used to spend double if not more on a single nail varnish with one of the top brands but now I want various colours and prefer to get a bargain. Another reason I'm always going to be painting my nails now is to stop me from binge eating!

What I really want is nail polish that will dry in less than a minute - like actually dry in less than a minute and not just say it on the bottle!
So then I found the brand 'seventeen' in our local Boots and decided to give it a go. It costs £3.99 and currently they have a buy one get one half price offer on. I love that I can quickly paint my nails and not have to wait ages for them to dry so if I'm going out, I can still have my nails sorted quickly!

Have you used this brand before? What did you think? I'd love suggestions for other beauty products too. Feeling inspired for a new me!

Mary-Kate, x

Days out in Hetfordshire this Easter Holiday

This year in Hertfordshire our Easter school holidays fell weirdly so our children go back to school on 19th April having gone back to school Tuesday-Friday after Easter Sunday = weird. But on the plus side, hopefully the second week of our Easter holidays will be quieter and we'll be able to enjoy some less busy days out as a family.

I thought I'd share some of the places we have been either in Hertfordshire or locally to Herts for suggestions of days out.

Firstly, we went to Willows Farm at the weekend and although it's not the cheapest of days out, it was really good and somewhere that you can definitely spend the entire day as a family. If you book online you can save some money on entry so planning ahead is definitely important with this one! You can see what we thought about it Click here

Another great place to visit is Aldenham Country Park, there is a lot to see and do here including the farm, walking around the lake, feeding the ducks, visiting 100 acre woods if you've got winnie the pooh fans and also pony rides. There are varies charges but it isn't too expensive and it's great to get the children out doors. You can read what we got up to at Aldenham Country Park click here

RHS Wisley isn't too far away and it's a fantastic garden to get the children out and about exploring in. There's so much to see that with little people we hardly ever get around a lot of it. It's ideal for a picnic and they also have a few places you can buy food too. You can have a look at what we got up to when we went a little while back, although they won't have butterflies there currently - something to remember for next year though! Click Here

RAF Hendon is a really good day out for children and adults alike, we enjoyed the spitfire experience here not so long ago as a special treat for Oliver trying so hard at school. We have been a few times now and the children would happily go again. There's a small charge for the carpark but other than that it's a cheap day out! They have a picnic area inside which is handy if like us you like to take your own food. Click here

If you want to splash out then Kidzania in London is fab - a little further to go but it's really good. Unfortunately it's only for 4 hours though and it's not the cheapest of days out so really it's a special treat option that won't last all day! However you won't find somewhere else like this Click here 

If you like soft play areas then Gambado's is a great option you can have a look what we thought when we reviewed it Click Here 

Other ideas include; swimming, cinema, bowling, the park - my favourite is still one in Bushey called Kings Georges park.

What have you got planned for the school holidays?

Mary-Kate, x