Thursday, 3 January 2019

First family holiday abroad

In 2017 we went to Menorca for our honeymoon, we booked with Jet2 and loved it! We left the children with their grandparents and stayed in the adult only hotel in Es Castell called Barceló Hamilton. Last year we knew that we wanted to go back with the children and my inlaws came too. We booked again with Jet2, this time a villa because it's sometimes difficult to feed Isabelle as she has cows milk protein allergy. We knew that we wanted to be close to the beach so we spent ages looking at the jet2 website at villas... we booked one that looked great, huge pool and table tennis, bbq and close to the beach it seemed perfect. We were getting all our bits ready and buying the sun lotion then jet2 emailed to inform us that the villa we had booked will be having a villa next door built so it would be noisy for several hours a day.

We decided we didn't want to be next to a building site so Jet2 changed our villa to another that we picked from what was left in the area and actually the villa was so much better! It was further from the beach which isn't what we originally wanted and the pool wasn't ideal for Isabelle as there wasn't a shallow end however it was amazing in location and it meant that we got to see so much wildlife including tortoises and turtle doves, snakes and lots of insects. It was in between two beaches too so we could pick from Punta Prima and Binibeca. 

I am a nervous flyer and it was hard to hide this from the children. I didn't need to though because Oliver didn't flinch when we took off or landed and Isabelle, who is only 4 years old and tiny, cackled like a witch at take off, landing and whenever there was some turbulence. SHE LOVED IT. Actually, so much so, that she complained when the plane was stopping at Stansted. Maybe she'll travel the world when she's older or maybe work for an airline. 

I love the shopping at Stansted airport because they have a Next and obviously you get it cheaper! Got myself a dress, a tankini top and a pair of leggings - not that I'd need those on holiday but I like the leggings from Next so I thought I'd put them away. I can even shop in the air, lipgloss, perfume, a teddy and a model plane this time on board with jet2 - brilliant prices especially the perfume which was discounted already and then 20% off too. I must have saved atleast £20 on it compared to if I had of got in on the highstreet. I love Yves Saint Laurent and will always buy it on a jet2 flight or on boxing day as they're the two cheapest times. 

Mahon is the capital city of Menorca and it's definitely worth a visit, we went on a yellow catamaran glass bottom boat trip which allowed us to see loads of fish. Mahon harbour is the second deepest natural harbour in the world. There's so much history to learn about too. My favourite place of all is Es Castell which is a small town that was founded in 1771 by the British originally called Georgetown in honour of King George III. Cale fonts is beautiful and our favourite restaurant is there which is called Nikki's. I love the burger - its all I ever have! 

Oliver learnt how to swim a little bit without armbands whilst we were which was amazing, he got to spend so much time with the pool practically to himself and lots of attention especially from Grandad which really helped him to grow confidence in the water. 
We all got matching menorcan sandals and they're super comfy - after the first day of wearing them that is! 

Top tips for holidays with children
  • Don't over pack! There's no need for multiple outfits per day... swimwear will be worn a lot  if you're in a hot country and remember in Menorca it dries very quickly! 
  • Take tuna with you if your child likes tuna... I paid over 3 euros for one tin. 
  • Nikki's bar in Es Castell, Cales Fonts can cater for dairy free and is delicious. 
  • Jet2 are really friendly and budget perfect for families.
  • Don't plan too much in the middle of the day if you've got small children - its just too hot. 
We have booked Menorca again for this year and I already can't wait to go! We're staying in the same villa because we loved it so much and it's perfect for us. 


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