Sunday 31 March 2019

Be original

This week has left me feeling so upset.

My daughter's teacher has copied my small business making hairbows and accessories... we live in the same small village and it's not about that because I know you could go buy bows in Sainsbury's... it's the fact it's so unprofessional to be a teacher and copy your students parent. It's my one and only form of income which she knows provides money for our family to be able to take the children to swimming lessons and cricket for example. She knows because ive told her. She knows because I have given her free bows before. She has her job and I can't understand why she needs to steal mine. Crafting options are so wide, why copy mine exactly. There's lots of different crafts to do to relax. She's just seen this works for me and copied. It's hurtful. I'm hurt. I'm obviously a bad judge of character because I always thought she was lovely but clearly not.

I'm going to keep trying to be my best.

I have a new range of hairbows available on my website now 

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