Wednesday 19 October 2016

bath to bed with In The Night Garden

Since we moved and the children have been in the same room, bed time has been some what challenging so I knew something needed to change and we needed to get into more of a routine with both of them. I like the children to go to bed at 7pm, have a story together and Isabelle has her milk then walk out the door saying goodnight and they'll both go straight to sleep (YEAH RIGHT!) it never usually happens like that, Oliver is easy and he'll go straight to sleep after a cuddle where as his little sister will get up out of bed about 1000 times which can be so disruptive to Oliver, irritating for us as we want a little bit of an evening together as a couple and also to get blog posts done obviously as well as catching up on some tv that isn't In The Night Garden or another cbeebies show! Then a bundle from Golden Bear Toys arrived for us to review which I'm hoping is going to work wonders for our family now that the winter nights are approaching - do you realise it'll be Christmas soon?! These are fab Christmas present ideas. So tonight it worked perfectly and I'm really impressed with how cute the items are.

When they arrived Isabelle was super excited and we had to carry a few of them up to the school to 'fetch lala' as she would say (collect Oliver - for those of you who cannot understand the language of Isabelle).

A bath is not usually in our routine, I hear bath mentioned so much in peoples bedtime routine which makes me feel like this awful mum who just doesn't bother to enjoy this wonderful time with her children but that's not true because although I love bath time and think it's a great addition to a bedtime routine - my children both have sensitive skin and if they had a bath every day its much worse and appears dryer. They do love a bubble bath though and often share one full of Child's Farm bubbles. These two new In The Night Garden water toys were such a hit with both children! Isabelle loved them because they are upsy daisy and iggle piggle... Oliver loved that he could get his sister in the face with the water!

They're very well made and perfect size for a toddlers hand. Easy to use and stand up alone if you want to pop them on the side of the bath which also looks very cute. They cost £3.99 each and actually look just like the tv characters so your little one is bound to love them. Brightly coloured and very happy - whats not to love about them? Absolutely perfect stocking fillers for babies or toddlers who love baths or In The Night Garden.

The other two items we were sent included a Bedtime boat which is based on Iggle Piggle's iconic boat from the tv show, the bedtime boat has been designed to provide a soothing and gentle experience to help children aged 12 months and over get to sleep easily. Featuring a lightshow of colourful stars to help relax your child. It also can be used as a glowing occasional light and has adjustable volume control for the lullabies and 10 short themed stories featured on this boat. It also has a timer so you can decide what works best for your child. Because it features a nightlight - it's perfect if like mine, your children are not fans of the dark! We always need to have a light of some sort on in their room until they're asleep. We've tried lots of different night lights and this is definitely in my top 2 now - the other is one that's handheld which is useful for toilet trips in the night! It requires 3 x AA batteries. £24.99. Isabelle thinks this is lovely, she can use it herself as the buttons are very easy to 'read' for toddlers. she loves listening to stories and will press that button over and over - which is good because if shes staying in that bed then I am one happy mum!
The final toy in our parcel was a super cute Makka Pakka which is a soft cuddly toy featuring light up friends making a perfect bedtime comforter for your little ones, suitable for children aged 10 months and over. It has soothing sounds and a warm, glowing light up tummy which features iggle piggle and upsy daisy in different colours. Isabelle just adores this as it's perfect size for her to snuggle at bed time -it's approx. 25cm. It's really well made, and would make a fantastic gift for a baby this christmas. Also requires 3 x AA batteries. rrp £24.99
We are really impressed with these toys, they're definitely going to help us get more into a routine with our cheeky toddler! From bath to bed, the new range of In The Night Garden toys are a fab choice for Christmas presents.
*please note - we were sent these toys free our charge for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own*


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