Saturday 22 October 2016

Supersize Thunderbird 3 - Review

Thunderbird 3
I remember last Christmas I was on a big hunt for as many Thunderbirds bargains I could find as Oliver had just become obsessed with it. The octonauts - his previous favourite got pushed to one side and it was all about Thunderbirds Are Go! Over the year he has got various thunderbird toys and now his collection looks complete (or is it?) thanks to an amazing bundle we were sent to review just in time for the new Thunderbirds Are Go series 2 which is on CITV and ITV this month! You know what I'll be watching from now on. He was sad when he realised that he could no longer watch the old series on itv catch up on our smart tv although he had watched it over and over on repeat, so he'll be delighted now there's going to be some new ones and I'm looking forward to peace and quiet whilst he is glued to the tv and then busy recreating scenes from the show using his new toys - totally ok parenting right?!

So one of our favs - Vivid have launched a new collection of Thunderbird toys (their toys are always fabulous and really good quality, fantastic designs and built to last children's clumsy hands. The new range is out just in time for the Christmas wish list, they're inspired by the series and offer fans the chance to recreate their on F.A.B adventures at home and this time there's even real smoke too! I didn't think it would look as cool as it does but it really does look cool.

Even if your child isn't a Thunderbirds fan, any little boy or girl who loves rockets will simply adore the Supersize Thunderbird 3 with it's brilliant features.

Oliver was so excited - you'll probably notice that most of the things we review are Isabelle related so this one feels really special for Oliver and he's already said he wants to do a vlog about it! He is taking it very seriously telling me step by step what the toys do and why they would make good Christmas presents bless him.

It was very easy to set Thunderbird 3 up following the easy to read instructions included within the box. There's a little section for some water (but don't worry, the designers have really thought about this with parents in mind too and it's not possible for the child to get the water out or try to fill it up as it's behind a screw.. meaning you can have a little control over the water!) They'll also be some stickers too which we haven't got around to doing yet in the photos as Oliver was so keen to start playing with it as soon as possible! And we wanted to share on here asap too just in time for the launch!

Oliver says this is one of the coolest toys he has ever had and I must say I agree with him! His little sister thinks it's pretty cool too.

It's fantastic to find toys that your children can really get into and create their own game, this is definitely one of those toys!

There is several different features of this toy - our favourite is definitely when you press the launch button for a few seconds and countdown begins to make smoke appear at the bottom just like a real rocket! It's amazing size too at 48.5cm long - they weren't lying when they said supersize!

If the rocket takes off correctly when the countdown has finished then it'll make blast off noises with 'smoke' following it but if not there will be an alarm which means a failed launch has happened! uh-oh... we did have a few of these before we mastered it! Especially little miss Isabelle. It's a great feature though because you want your children to learn to do something correctly - mistakes are ok and to give it another try! It also adds another element to the game because they need to retry.

These movable mini figures are also included and they have their very own seats inside the cockpit - making this mission even more realistic!

During the missions the rotating drill sounds whilst the extendable grasping arms can hold the rocket in place on any surface.

It requires 3xAAA batteries.

We would definitely suggest it for a Christmas present this year!

                                                                           Retails for £49.99

You can find out more about the Thunderbirds Are Go range here at the Vivid website -

Make sure you look out for our next Thunderbirds review coming soon!

*please note that we were sent these items for free for purpose of the review - all opinions are our own*

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