Monday 24 October 2016

A free from halloween

Allergy parents won't be very interested in the idea of treat or treating - the idea of walking up to a strangers door and asking for sweets isn't something that I like the idea of anyway but the children love it don't they? And I think with a few people - neighbour who you know, there's no harm and it's just a bit of fun! Another terrifying thought as an allergy parent is a party - the party food! When you're an allergy mum or dad it becomes very difficult to include your child in the Halloween fun, so I thought I'd share a quick post about Isabelle's favourite treats including cakes, chocolates and sweets which you can find in the supermarket - making allergy life a little easier!

These suggestions are all free from the following - dairy, wheat, soya, nuts (
Although some may be a may contain - we're fine with those!)


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