Tuesday 4 October 2016

Pulled elbow

Last Sunday I headed off to The National Wedding Show at Olympia and I left Michael with both children for the day, he planned a nice family day with the grandparents (his parents) for lunch at their house and then for a walk at college lake - Oliver's favourite place to go birdwatching ofcourse!

I had a lovely day at the show - I'll post about that soon but when we were finished I tried calling Michael - he didn't answer which I thought was a little weird considering he was meant to be picking me up from the station when I got back so I tried to call his mum instread - she answered and sounded a little shifty! Then there was a crying in the background, I assumed Isabelle was just over tired from all the walking but I was wrong. Michaels mum said that she had something to tell me, Isabelle had hurt her arm - they didn't know how bad so they thought it best to take her to hospital to check it out. WHAT? My first thought was my poor baby is hurt and my second was why did no one call me?! I would of left sooner.

Michael says he was swinging her with his dad, one arm each side - you know like all kids like to do, I often did it when I was little with my parents and never got hurt. she thought they were continuing - why wouldn't she? so she jumped up lifted herself off the ground, may have fallen a little (I'm a little confused and I wasnt there to watch it, by the sounds of it everything happened so quickly!) Michael caught all her weight by one arm and immediately she cried, hysterically screaming wouldn't move arm - wouldn't let you touch it, had it down by herself and continued like this until the doctor fixed the problem!

The nurse knew what was wrong with her almost instantly apparently. She had a pulled elbow which means a bone called the radius which sits within a ring of ligament had slipped out of the ring, in adults this fits snugly but as shes so little it can happen if the arm is pulled by swinging or lifting the child. Usually it doesnt happen after the age of 6 years as its then fitting snugly. The doctor had to move her arm to slip it back into place and after that she was fine straight away and stopped crying almost instantly!
And actually apparently it's fairly common... So be careful with your little ones arms.

Michael obviously feels awful, he was just trying to play with her like we both have with both children many times swinging them.

*yes now I am wrapping her up in cotton wool!*


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