Monday 3 October 2016

It's 'only' £15,000 ! ... only? Brides The Show vs The National Wedding Show.

Yesterday we headed off to Brides The Show in London, we had taken Isabelle to spend the day with Michaels parents and Oliver to spend the day with my mum and had planned to go to the show, off to a fish shop near oxford street and have some lunch somewhere.

Last week I went to The National Wedding Show at Olympia with my sister in law and a friend. We literally spent the whole day there, I got lots of ideas of things I liked, I won some place cards and I even purchased my wedding dress! That's right, it's ordered! It should be in store end of January - I know, I know I was cutting it a little fine ( we get married in March! ). Anyway as we loved it there, walked away with lots of goody bags - when I was sent tickets for Brides The Show to get in for free I asked Michael if he wanted to come with me, knowing that I had already got my dress last weekend it wasn't going to be an awkward can you walk away whilst I look kinda situation.

So what did we think? Well... Brides The Show, it wasn't as big as the national wedding show and if you've got lots of money on your one day, it's a great place to go I guess... but we don't, we are a young family with only Michael working as I'm a full time mum. If you've got family paying for your wedding or helping towards it but we again - haven't, we are doing it all ourselves. We want to have a lovely wedding but at the same time we know it's only one day and I don't mean to insult any wedding brands by talking about price tags, I'm sure a lot of them are more than worth it.... I just want people to feel it's 'normal' to not want to spend all your money on your wedding day. It's not about the actual day anyway is it? Getting married is about life - who wants to start their 'new life' together in debt? We don't and we most definitely wont be.

Don't get me wrong there were some really beautiful things at the show it's just if you were after a bargain on a budget then you won't find one there.

I guess the reason I'm writing this post is that one lady - advertising a venue for wedding hire really p****d me off. She seemed to think that 'only £15,000' was nothing. I was tempted to ask her how long it took her to earn £15,000 haha but thought better not. Why do people think that weddings have to be so expensive? When we left the show, we went to the fish shop and had some lunch in a pub that we found along the way. I went for the burger- oops sorry inspired!

Walking back towards Euston I couldn't stop thinking about what the lady had said "it's only £15,000" - it's not 'only', it should be "it's £15,000" as I saw a line of homeless people, no money, no food and no £15,000 to spend one JUST ONE part of the wedding day - I literally dread to think how much people spend on their wedding days - don't tell me. I just don't want to know. I like small weddings, weddings that don't leave you in debt. Weddings don't have to cost the world to be amazing.

The national wedding show though, was really good. There were offers galore and people genuinely seemed friendly and wanted to talk to everyone!! The national wedding show had things for most budgets and if you couldn't afford it then you could pick up so many ideas here as well as ideas for doing it yourself.

The one thing I wanted to see at Brides The Show were the make up masterclass by Bobbi Brown but I literally couldn't stay there for any longer so I missed it. There wasn't enough to keep my attention for any longer and we left... The national wedding show was atleast 5 or 6 hours and I could of stayed longer if I am honest!

Did you go to the shows?

Mary-Kate, x

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