Friday 30 September 2016

Jakks Disney Tsum Tsum

Sometimes I think that by not having a tv package that we miss a lot of the new toys around as we don't see the tv adverts for them.. so when we were sent these little cute things Oliver was very intrigued to find out more about them and so was I!

I thought Isabelle would be a little too small to play with them but actually she's played with them loads and thinks they're great fun.

We were very kindly sent 2 packets of Disney Tsum Tsum's by Jakks Pacific, one was a 3 pack which retails at £4.99 and one was a 9 pack which retails at £14.99. This range is fantastic for any Disney fan as it features all your favourite characters... we were lucky enough to get ones including Elsa and Cinderella! As well as my old fav Dumbo.

They're very cute and stackable - I don't know anything about previous Tsum Tsums but I know these are vinyl and appear to be strong enough to cope with a toddlers heavy hand as they're a hard plastic

Both children have love playing with these, creating stories and enjoying imaginative play. They would make an ideal stocking filler for Christmas! Oliver likes to see how many he can stack ontop of each other before they tumble down.

Included in the pack is a collectors guide which you can use to keep on track of the ones you've collected so far.

We love that they come in different sizes and Isabelle thinks the smallest (the babies) are super cute! Each Disney character is collectable in each of the three sizes so there are plenty to collect.

To find out what we got in our mystery pack have a look at the video I've added below :)



*please note - we were sent these items for free in exchange for our honest review*

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