Friday 30 September 2016

Flying Twirlywoos

At the end of the summer holidays the children received an exciting parcel containing a twirlywoo toy each. When I was little, one of my favourite toys was a fairy who could fly (you pulled the string and off she flew), I loved it - was such a simple toy but the fact it could fly was great so I was really looking forward to seeing a similar toy be used by my own children 20 years after I had loved the one I had. (it's probably still in my mums loft!)
When  they arrived, the children opened the box quicker than I could get my camera out and they were both desperate for them trying to quickly both get there hands on their chosen one! Actually it worked out quite well - for once - as they both wanted different ones! *yay*

The packaging is simple to open, sometimes toys can be so difficult but these were super duper easy meaning that you didn't find yourself with a grumpy child waiting. They do take batteries which are not included so make sure you've got some. (3 x AA batteries for each)

We were really impressed with the quality of the toys, the handle is a great size for my 2 year old to hold but also suits my 7 year old too. It's not at all flimsy and will last a toddler's heavy hands. They're made from plastic and in bright colours they really appeal to children.

They're easy to set up, I helped Isabelle to put the blade (it's not a 'blade'.. not sure what to call it?) onto the top of the twirlywoos head and then she was able to fit it into the handle herself.

To use you need to press both buttons on the launcher then when you let go, the twirlywoo will fly away.

They're much more impressive than the toy I had when I was little. Obviously toys have come along way since then.

We love character toys, I think it's adorable to watch children try to recreate scenes they have watched on their favourite tv programmes and also to make up new things being creative using their little minds to play.

The other twirlywoos are available too for a RRP of £9.99 so you can complete the set by having the whole twirlywoos family! It can be used inside or outside.

Here's a little video so you can see a flying twirlywoo for yourself!

I'd definitely say this is one for the Christmas list!

Which twirlywoo is your favourite?
Mary-Kate, x

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