Friday 23 September 2016

Which Oddbod are you?

Currently airing on CITV and Boomerang, Oddbods are a collection of cute animated characters, all 7 with a different personality. No two are alike, they're very unpredictable and the children are fascinated by them. Brightly coloured they really grab Isabelle's attention and she thinks they're very cute.

The new range of Oddbods toys from Golden Bear have launched and we were sent one to review, we were really looking forward to our delivery but we had no idea which one was going to arrive!

Firstly in the box there was a blind bag figurines (rrp £1.99) this was a complete surprise until Oliver opened it - he was so delighted with got a special edition one! There's 50 to collect which all capture iconic oddbods moments that the children will be able to recognise from the show itself. Eight rare designs as well as a super rare gold coloured oddbod to find - our first blind bag and we so luckily got a rare silver one which Oliver thought was very lucky. Everyone loves a surprise right? So this little bag is a great treat.

There's something super exciting about opening a toy that's a surprise isn't there?! And here he is, reading about which oddbod he got.
Then there was a small soft toy (rrp £5.99) which is 12cm, super soft fabric and very cuddly. Each soft toy oddbod has its own unique facial expression reflecting their individual personality - fantastic range to collect all 7!

We got ZEE who is a lovely shade of green, he likes sleeping, food, trashy tv, taking a backseat and effortless effort. He dislikes work, effort, rushing, plans, impatience and wasting food. We've enjoyed taking Zee on family days out over the summer! He's a grab size to pop in my bag, Isabelle loves to have a little cuddly toy with her on days out so it's ideal to have one that is just the right size.

So what oddbods would our family be?

Oliver would be pogo because he is always laughing, likes to make others laugh but he can be annoying too! doesn't like silence or rules! but then again, what 7 year old boy does?

I would be Newt because I love sweets (candy), pink things, social media (obviously!) arts and crafts I'm really enjoying because of our wedding and also with the children too.... I am totally in the need of a new set of colouring in pencils actually - these children took mine! urgh. I love cute things and giving presents - especially cute presents. Our dislikes are similar too... meanness, peoples unhappiness, horror films, sadness so I'd definitely be Newt.

Michael would be fuse because he hates waiting, boredom and losing! He likes winning and the great outdoors!

Isabelle would be Slick because she likes gadgets and is always trying to get her hands on my phone, the ipad, the laptop or the tv! Loves bad pop music and she dislikes being ignored... she will wave at you until you do even if that means we stand here and look at you for a really awkwardly long minute until you realise and just wave back. Phew.

Have you seen oddbods? Which oddbod are you most like?

Mary-Kate, x

*Please note, I was sent these items free of charge for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own*

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