Thursday 22 September 2016

My Hotter Moment!

Shoe shopping for me is not usually something that I enjoy, it's something I tend to do online because I find it such a nightmare trying to get shoes to fit my wide feet. Also trying to squeeze your feet in shoes infront of other humans isn't something I like to do. After having my first child, Oliver 7 years ago my feet seemed to get wider which was really irritating. It's very difficult to buy shoes that are a) comfortable for wide feet and b) are actually 'nice' looking...

I've walked past hotter shoes store in the intu Watford centre before, thinking 'meh, they're for the older lady' but actually I can't tell you how pleased I am that I was invited to their blogger event this week! They have completely changed my mind, yes there is some styles that would suit people much older than me but theres also loads that would suit me at 27 years old and even younger people too! I definitely had my hotter moment and now I know where my wide feet will feel just at home.

Along with some fellow bloggers, Mel, Laura, Stephanie, Carolynne and Afra we were treated to some nibbles and drinks (I did not eat anything - currently trying to be good on my year to get healthy with Inspired personal health and fitness) then we got a chance to learn all about Hotter shoes whilst we were looked after by Mel, Jenni and the store team.

Hotter started by making slippers in 1959 (I know! I thought they were recently new too... silly me!) We all know how comfortable slippers are and imagine if you could have that slipper comfort all day long? Well you can with a pair of hotter shoes because they've carried on their passion for comfort, every pair of shoes are cushioned, flexible, light weight as well as having some wiggle room!

The soles of the shoes made in the Hotter factory are filled with millions of air bubbles which explains why it feels like you're walking on air, their active shoes are literally so lightweight - go and hold a pair, you'll be amazed!

Hotter are definitely proving popular because in February 2010 there were 5 Hotter stores and now there's over 80.

The event made me realise, I look after my childrens feet really well - always shopping at Clarks (unless theres a super cute pair of party shoes but she only wears them for 5 minutes before wanting to be in her socks anyway!) I always make sure they fit their feet, both length and width... but me? I usually opt for shopping online = not trying on before purchasing them, I opt for cheap because I love a bargain - who doesnt? and they don't usually fit perfectly. I can't remember the last time I had a new pair of shoes which didn't give me a blister! That's not normal is it? So from here on in, I have made a promise to myself to look after my feet better! After all I'll never get another pair. It was interesting actually having my feet measured which is something as an adult I haven't done! If you haven't had your feet measured in years - go to Hotter! They'll help you find the perfect fit.

I knew I wanted a pair of boots - with wide feet they're usually the hardest thing to find a comfortable pair so I decided to try a few on.

I love the colours available this season, there's styles to suit everyone.
The first pair of boots I tried on were the mystery boots in black - I fell in love with them. I had my hotter moment the second they went onto my feet and I knew they were definitely ones I wanted to own. My feet felt like they were walking on air bubbles! They weren't too tight, they were wide, they fit perfectly and I just loved them. I knew I had to try on some more before I decided for sure though.
These adorable little pixie boots have the softest lining which is just lovely. They also come in a beautiful teal colour which I wanted to get just to match some shoes I've been looking at for Isabelle.
These boots are just gorgeous and Laura from Mummys Zone picked these beautiful boots, they don't come in wide fit though so I didn't depress myself by trying them on! ah.
These loafers were very comfy, I tried the tan on and they almost swayed me away from the boot! I may be putting them on my Christmas wish list though eh Michael?
These purple beauties nearly stole my heart too... They are the Donna Heels I wasn't so sure to begin with as I don't usually were heels but oh my goodness were they comfortable!!
It didn't matter how many boots or shoes I tried on, I still kept going back to the Mystery boots! But then there was a tough decision to make.... What colour?!
I always go for black boots so I decided it was time to have a change and went for the tan! oooo. They didn't have my size in stock so they've been ordered and I can't wait for them to arrive.

I also got a beautiful new bag, I decided on the Asher Bag in black which is actually the perfect mum of a toddler bag! There's so much space in it whilst still being small, different compartments so you can still be organised. I'm going to use this bag most days, ideal for school run.
Really looking forward to my boots arriving so I'll post again once they're here!

Mary-Kate, x

*please note I was invited to Hotter Watford and gifted a pair of boots and a handbag of my choice as well as some renovating cream for my new boots. I wasn't asked to write this post, I loved the shop and was really pleasantly surprised so I wanted to share with you.*


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