Thursday 16 January 2020

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

We have been members at ZSL Whipsnade zoo for a few years now, it's worked out really good value for money for us because we have been there quite a bit - there's so much to see that we never see everything in one day, being members also means we get to go there for just an afternoon without spending the money on one visit and feeling you've got to stay all day to 'get your moneys worth'.

Being a member also means you get 10% off in the cafes and gift shops there. 

My favourite thing about whipsnade are the bird shows, they fly really close to you and you get to see some really amazing birds. It helps that my children love birds.

The butterflies are really pretty - I'm sad to see that RHS Wisley isn't doing the butterflies in the glasshouse event anymore, also made me look a little silly as I've told everyone about it! 
They've got an indoor soft play but we have only been in there once for a party because when we go to the zoo - we go to the zoo to see the animals and be outside in the fresh air. I don't even let my children play on the climbing frames usually because theres just so many children on them and again - we are there to see animals and we go to the local parks to play on the climbing frame. The children are usually happy with this rule so I'm not intending to change that. I have one exception to this rule and that's Willows Farm because the Peter Rabbit playground is something a little special isn't it? 

ZSL whipsnade have got dairy free ice creams in the summer which is perfect for my little girl who still has her cows milk allergy usually though we take a packed lunch for a few reasons- keeping it a cheaper day out and the allergies/intolerances in the family means eating out isn't easy. 

There's several places to sit with your own picnic and 10% off hot drinks for members- tea helps get through a cold day at the zoo. 

There's a train but you've got to pay extra- again, worth being a member to get a discount on that too. There's also a bus which is free and you can hop on and off at various stops around the zoo. 

We love to go see the lemurs but noticed lately they always seem to be inside even if it's a warm, dry day it doesn't seem to make a difference anymore. Last time we went we spent a while looking for the brown bears.... before noticing a big sign pointing out the rather obvious fact that they were hibernating! 

You always get a really good close up view of the penguins. My favourite. 

There's a cafe/restaurant further up I call it the top of the zoo - brilliant place for picnics in the summer as it's got a lovely view. 

There's too many animals to mention them all but our absolute favourites to see include giraffes, meerkats, lions, flamingos, tigers, elephants and lemurs. 

The new Aquarium wasn't as good as I thought it would be and from a family who have 2 fish tanks and loved the one at ZSL London zoo we do feel a little disappointed like there's alot of the same fishes in there. It is however still a lovely addition to the zoo and lots of things for the kids to learn about. That's the thing with ZSL they're teaching the children lots throughout their visit. 
The butterflies are most active later on in the day so go here last if you can. It's not too far from the exit just make sure you don't leave it too late because then you won't be able to get inside. My little girl has learnt they love to land on bright colours such a red. 

Don't forget to visit owl wood before you leave too. We didn't realize for a while you could see some owls. Their other birds are not on display  to the public which whilst i understand i do think it would be lovely if we could see them. 

What's your favourite thing at whipsnade? 


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