Wednesday 27 January 2016

Thunderbirds Are Go - Interactive Tracy Island playset toy review

Oliver and Isabelle are very lucky to have some amazing toys, not all of them are shiny and new - some were passed down and some were bargains from charity shops or facebook selling pages. I love to research products and read reviews before purchasing but I've noticed that sometimes it's difficult to find an honest in depth with photo review of items and if you're going to be spending a lot of money on it then you really want to know if it's worth it! So I've decided together with my son, Oliver every week starting from today to give my honest opinion on the toys the children own. Oliver is 6 years old and his little sister Isabelle is 1, so there will be a varied collection of toys to be featured including: Bing bunny, Lego, Thunderbirds, Octonauts, Baby Annabell and Playmobil to name a few.

This week I'm going to start with Oliver's favourite Christmas present of all [well done Santa!].

Thunderbirds Tracy Island
I was never a thunderbirds fan so I cant comment on how the toys have improved since back then however Michael was a thunderbirds fan and his face looked a little jealous I must say.
When Oliver put Thunderbirds Tracy Island on his Christmas list my initial thought was "oh well that's not going to happen", see we were on a bit of a budget for Christmas and spending the rrp of this toy (£79.99) was completely out of the question. Then I noticed that it was included in the Tesco Clubcard boost offer [meaning you can double up your vouchers collected throughout the year] not only that but it was actually £60 on there! I had already used some of my vouchers but I had enough to make it so I only had to pay an extra £24 meaning that this present was actually possible. [Well done Santa! &Tesco..]
It comes in a huge box - Oliver used the box to make a TV afterwards which obviously was really fun!

Michael had the task of putting it together on Christmas morning - it proved a little tricky to get all the bits to fit together properly. It's not a toy he would want to put together again! If you tell him you've accidentally broken a bit off while moving it, a word starting with F is mentioned.

Oliver was very excited and Michael looked like he could do with a coffee! All the stickers need to be put on by you too which isn't too difficult but took some thought early morning as to where they were actually supposed to be, the instructions were not as clear as they could have been - apparently or maybe he was just tired.

Once it was all set up and ready to play with, Oliver didn't stop for ages. He loves it just as much as we thought he would - if not more! I guess the look on his face, it was definitely worth buying it however I am struggling to decide if it's actually worth the price tag? I think fifty pounds would be more like it, max to be honest... but then again I am a bit of a bargain hunter.
Quality of the product I think is really good other than needing to be gentle when lifting it to move but often that's the adult not the child so care can be taken.

Thunderbirds International Rescue adventures can be brought to life with this Tracy Island toy and Oliver just loves it, he was a bit disappointed that it doesn't come with any thunderbird figures - I would of been too had I of paid the full RRP. Luckily Santa had spoken to Grandma and an Auntie which meant that Oliver very luckily ended up with all of the Thunderbird vehicles.... without them Tracy Island is pretty useless which is why I really think they should come with it.

Tracy Island is Thunderbirds top secret headquarters and this toy is very smart as it can interact with the vehicles, it knows which one you're playing with and has flashing lights and sounds and it has buttons to make the vehicles move up through their launch bay.

With over 50 actions, lights and sounds this toy will keep a little boy or little girl busy for a long time!
Batteries..... oops. Remember the batteries for this toy (3 x AAA) luckily Grandma had some! Phew.
So as you can tell we really like the thunderbirds toys but think the original rrp is overpriced for Tracy Island.

The trees come off and we misplace them = so so irritating.

Is your little one a fan of Thunderbirds? Or is there a certain toy you're looking to buy and would like to know more? We have so many toys now we might be able to help.

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  1. That is so cool, Oliver. Keep the Thunderbirds going strong. Good review.


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