Thursday 28 January 2016

wearing pyjamas on the school run - please don't be offended I'm sure you look lovely in your pyjamas but...

Oliver's expression is an example of what mine did when reading about this...
I need to ask this serious question - how long does it take you to put some clothes on in the morning?

it's an honest question, see I'm confused because Michael keeps telling me that I take so long to get ready (usually on a weekend when I'm applying my face to make myself actually appear my age and not that the kids have wrinkled me!) but I honestly can't take that long because according to some parents they 'don't have time' in the morning to get dressed before doing the school run? Say what?! What time are you getting up? Do what I and many other parents do, lay some clothes out the night before [please note that by lay, I obviously meant throw them in a pile].

It takes a few minutes to put some clothes on, you don't need to look good you just need to be dress in day wear to show your child when you wake up - you get ready for the day, whether you work or whether like me you're currently a full time mum - you're still the most important role model in your child's head.

Please don't be offended I'm sure you look lovely in your pyjamas !

Oliver's school is lovely and if I turned up in my pyjamas I think a fair few people would be very shocked.

Some days I take Isabelle on the morning school run still in her pjs in her footmuff - She's 1. Although she's only one, I still feel the need to 'explain' in a way why I didn't get her dressed. It's chilly out there.

This post popped into my mind when I was reading an article about a head teacher sending a letter to parents requesting that they get dressed into 'normal' clothes and out of their pyjamas in the morning before taking their child to school, I noticed there were a mixture of replies to this such as "who is she to tell us what to wear?" whilst I totally agree someone shouldn't 'tell' you what to wear, this situation is just beyond ridiculous... it's a terrible example to your child to just not bother to put clothes on - come on, even comfortable trackies are clothes why can't they throw them on instead?

As a head teacher she wants her school to look good and show that it's setting a good example for it's students not only to the local community, the students but also future students. It's simple. You get dressed to go out.

Can you believe that some of these mums wearing their pjs are driving to school too? Not even like they've got to leave early to walk there... teaching your child laziness is ok in my opinion.

The headteacher said that there were about 40 parents not only dropping their child to school but sometimes picking the child up too still wearing their pyjamas ! oh and also that they would attend parents evening as well as assemblies in their pyjamas. What!? 40 of them.. it would look as if it was a charity morning all wearing their pjs to raise money.

I couldn't imagine walking Oliver to school in my panda print pyjama' embarrassing.

I know that wearing pyjamas isn't 'hurting' anyone but what example is it setting for the children at the school? Nightwear is just that, for the night.

I know mornings are a rush - trust me, I'm brilliant at leaving things to the last minute but honestly pyjamas ?

Does anyone who reads my blog wear their pjs on the school run? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it .

Mary-Kate, x

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