Thursday 28 January 2016

Forever Memory Bears - exclusive discount

I remember shopping for those very important first outfits - the one she will wear when she's first born, the one she will be wearing when her big brother, Oliver meets her at hospital and the one she will wear coming home. Those are items that I can never part with because they're so special to me - yes I've got photos but I want to keep the actual items too.
I've started to sort out her clothes because now she's 22 months it's very sad that I've still got all of her clothes, we are not going to have another baby so I definitely don't need to keep hold of them 'just in case' we have another girl one day. She's fairly tiny for her age and she's in a mixture of 9-12, 12-18 and 18-24 month clothing depending on what brand it is. So while sorting them out, it got me thinking what am I going to do with these? The ones that I do keep, are they just going to be in a box somewhere?

Her doll is wearing one of her first sleepsuits! Nice way to reuse some of them and = cheaper than baby annabell's wardrobe isn't it? but the doll doesn't need lots...

That's when I was offered a
Forever Memory Bear to review, I've seen bears like this before and thought it was such a beautiful idea to have as a keepsake - obviously I jumped at the offer and I'll be keeping you updated with the process of ordering as well as reviewing the bear once it's arrived.
A little bit about Forever Memory Bears - They're a Hampshire based business creating handmade memory bear keepsake [which are beautiful]. Kirsty & Wayne's inspiration came from a spring clean at their home one day, wrestling with the usual dilemma of 'keep or let go.' They have always been big believers in giving to charity shops which I agree with, I love supporting charity but like what I said at the start of this post they also struggled to part with some of the smaller things from when their daughter Isabelle was a baby - they have an Isabelle too! They thought it was such a shame to have them in the loft, or on a shelf in the wardrobe.

I love this bit from their website - "These tiny pieces of clothing held power beyond their size, reminding us of happy memories and the love shared." - totally agree with this and that's how I have been feeling. On the school run this morning, beaming from cheek to cheek after getting this fantastic review, a few other parents agreed with me and said they had been looking into these bears too.

They looked online for inspiration and that's where they got the idea of making a bear, the compliments they went on to receive from family/friends and to their surprise requests for their own bears meant that Forever Memory Bears was born.

It doesn't just apply to babies first clothes, this is an ideal idea for a loved ones clothes - I would love to be able to find some of my Dad's clothing and get one made for my mum. You could have one made from uniforms, wedding outfits (MICHAEL WE CAN DO THIS NEXT YEAR?!) Christening gowns, pets blankets and whatever you want really! - it's your bear after all.

They offer eve more personalisation as you can have embroidered text added to a foot pad or even a 10 second recording voice box. This is a beautiful, beautiful feature for a bear. My mum has a dog teddy from the bear factory, years ago my Dad got it for her and inside is my dad's voice - after his cancer he ended up having no voice box so that bear is even more important.

Forever Memory Bears say "Our craftmanship(and indeed bravery) has grown from there. Each bear is one of a kind, and takes between 5 and 8 hours to handmake." and also that "Each Forever Memory Bear is delivered in a gift box, with its own certificate." 
With events coming up such as Valentines day and Mothers day - this is an ideal present idea!

I'm so happy to let you know that
Forever Memory Bears have given me an exclusive offer for my readers, by visiting this blog post and using my code you can get £30 off - meaning you save 50% off their current prices. A true bargain for such a lovely personal memory bear keepsake!

To order follow the instructions found on this page -
How it works ?

After purchasing on the website you will receive an email which is your order form.
For babies first clothing you'll need to send 7-9 items per bear but older sizes obviously less is required. You can also request anything unused is sent back to you with your bear.

Bears weigh approx. half a kilogram and while sitting they are 34cm tall. A good size I think! Perfect to sit in a child's room or on your own bed. They're stuffed with recycled polyester fibre fill. They can try to use most fabrics but the items not suitable include :
loose knit items, thickly padded items, fine or delicate materials, leather and animal fur. You are welcome to send them any other cherished items to be added to the bear such as badges or ties and they will try to include them in their design.

How longs it going to take to get my bear? They advise a turnaround time of 14 days following the receipt of the clothing.

So what are waiting for? It's pay day soon so why not treat yourself and don't miss this fantastic offer of a bear for half price!

You can find Forever Memory Bears here -

Website -

Twitter - @FMbears
I'm off to sort out some clothes to send Forever Memory Bears now! And I really look forward to seeing the beautiful bears you get too so please share photos!
Mary-Kate, x

[please note, I've been giving a discount code for my readers in exchange for this post]

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