Thursday 11 May 2017

Wedding veils - Rainbow Club

Veils, there's so many different styles to chose from. When you first start wedding planning you most probably won't know what is meant by fingertip or cathedral length, you'll spend ages umming and arring upon which you want as well as probably changing your mind several times. You'll consider buying a cheap one on ebay because lets face it, its just net and they'll all be the same right? WRONG. You don't need to spend hundreds of pounds on a veil but you will want a good quality one, after all you're going to be buying the most expensive dress of your life - you'll have your hair and make up done maybe professionally and you'll be looking at this photos for the rest of your life. Don't put something stupid looking on your head.

I ended up buying three veils. (Sorry Michael you thought it was 2. you weren't told about the first one because I hated it and I knew you'd moan about the waste of money, although it wasn't much at all - £3.) The first veil was a cheap ebay one - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. It looked cheap, it felt cheap and it was so puffy. What did I expect? But at £3 just for the sake of this blog post it was worth a try. As you know I like a bargain and we were on a budget for our wedding.

The second veil was from BHS when it was closing down, it cost me £10 (rrp was £40) and was a cathedral length one, actually it was ok. The material was softer, the ivory was actually ivory and it looked good on. However it wasn't anything special, it didn't stand out and didn't make me feel special.
The third veil was from Rainbow Club (I know right? I thought they were just shoes too!!!), it was perfect. Totally and utterly fell in love with this veil. When it arrived, in a box perfectly folded inside, it was so much prettier than the photos had led me to believe originally.

I knew it was pretty but the way in which it sparkles in person was a bit of a shock.

I found myself trying it on at every opportunity because it made me feel like a bride, made me feel special and excited to wear it. None of the other veils I had tried, either purchased or just in a bridal shop or at the wedding show had made me feel like this.
The price of this veil? £85. So is it worth the extra price you ask? Yes. definitely, I kept this veil a surprise for Michael because I loved it so much that to me, it was part of my dress and I wanted it all to be a surprise on the day.

The material itself was soft but not too soft, it was just perfect, it didn't crease at all - I only got it out of the box the evening before the wedding and it was perfect, didn't look creased at all not even a little tiny bit... which amazed me! I'd spent some time googling how to hang it ect so it looked perfect for the day - knowing that I had nowhere to hang it secretly and really didn't want Michael to see before the big day. The veil attaches to your hair by a comb, it fell out a few times early on as my hairdresser hadn't put it in enough - I did also have a lot of pins there so it was hard for the veil to properly grip but once it was put in properly it really wasn't going anywhere! The details were beautiful but not over the top. It's a classic veil, 72" drop, fingertip veil, sophisticated two tier ivory veil with delicate scallops and crystal drops which really do sparkle beautifully. I wanted to wear it all day - scrap that I just want to wear it again! Beautiful. I've put it away in the box again and I'm planning on keeping it as my something special for my little girl. I love it that much.
*please note that I was provided with a free Rainbow Club veil in exchange for my thoughts. My opinions on this product are my own.


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