Wednesday 10 May 2017

Sweets Sweets Sweets at a Wedding

Between myself and Michael we must have the sweetest of all teeth. I love Sweets. He loves sweets more than me. We eat too many sweets. Anyway, you get the point, sweets were essential to have at our wedding. We knew that we wanted them for the adults and the children however we also knew that it would be tricky because Isabelle is allergic to so much - well she was, when we were planning the wedding. Now she's only free from Soya and Dairy.

I spent ages looking at labels of sweets online to get an idea of what she could and could not have and then with the help of Miranda from Sweet As A Button, a perfect little sweet shop in Hertfordshire, we managed to get a huge selection of sweets and sweet jars. We got some of the sweet jars from Sweet As A Button and the rest were from Amazon - a purchase I made over a year ago as they were on offer for £9 the whole set.

So if you're looking for sweets that are soya and dairy free (please remember to check for yourself too, as different brands like to change different things don't they - so irritating!) or just looking for ideas for your sweet table then here's what we had....

Foam strawberries
Foam bananas
Green laces
Cola bottles
Ruhbard and custard
Dolly mixture
Flying saucers
Love Hearts
Yellow bellies - snakes
Jelly Babies
Red fizzy pencils
Dracula teeth
Fizzy peaches

I told Isabelle she could have any of the sweets with a lilac ribbon on the lid - they all had a lilac ribbon on their lids.

The sweet bags were from amazon, sometimes even cheaper than ebay! The scoops and the tongs were from home bargains or b&m... somewhere like that for about £1 each. Bargain!

The children absolutely loved having the sweets there - as did the adults too. As well as the popcorn and candyfloss machines we had.

If you don't fancy doing your own sweet table then check out The Sweet Stop run by Becky and Lee who will be able to help you create the perfect sweet cart for your event.


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