Monday 8 May 2017

Wedding table plan

I love that I was a DIY bride, my mums always telling people that I refused to let her throw bits of recycling away when I was a young child because I was going to make something with it! I still love being creative and thoroughly enjoyed the wedding planning because it meant all of my creativeness had something to do, perhaps that's what I need now, a creative outlet in the evenings to keep my brain occupied... oh yea - my blog! doh.

very wedding needs a table plan, there's so many different styles and you literally can do whatever you want to with this part of your wedding. 

It's essential that it's easy to read for all guests so that they know where they will be sitting for the wedding breakfast. Seating plans aren't to everyone's taste though so perhaps you'll decide to let everyone pick their own seat - that's rare from what I've read. I wanted to make sure certain people were sat in certain places - easy to give gifts to in the speeches ect.

After looking at pinterest a lot, I decided that I wanted a mirror for our table plan. I found someone selling one on a local facebook page - there I go talking about facebook pages again... they really are a fab way to buy local things cheaply and find out about things going on in the local area, it cost me just £10.

The local craft shop was closing down which meant I got the card really cheaply too, the ribbon was a gift from one of Michaels customers who knows I absolutely love ribbon. It's originally from John Lewis though and they do an amazing selection of double sided satin ribbons perfect for craft projects. The little hearts were from ebay costing less than £2 - bargain. I actually used a pritt stick to glue all the bits together once I had finished printing using my very flash Epson ecotank printer.

The table plan is a great place to add some of your colour too so don't feel like you need to have it completely plan.

I made table names to match the table plan so it all fitting in quite nicely. We decided not to have numbers as we wanted something a bit more interesting, as Michael loves flowers - we chose some of his favourites.

Top table was obviously Delphinium - we got these in 4 times in our wedding! We had real delphiniums at the end of the aisle from The Flower Shop in Watford, our confetti were delph petals, our table was named after one and my hand painted shoes by Elizabeth and Rose had delphiniums on them. Perfect. It's the little things with a wedding, the little details that all add together to make it perfect.


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