Sunday 30 April 2017

How to create the perfect flower girl look

Some people like weddings without children there but for those like us who have children of their own and close family with children too we knew that we wanted to have children not only attend but play a big part in the day too so we decided to have flower girls and page boys.

Our flower girls were Isabelle age 3 years - our daughter and our niece J age 5 years.

I knew that I wanted the girls to wear ivory dresses and be quite traditional flower girls but I also knew that I had a budget I wasn't prepared to go over on, so before BHS closed I got 2 bargain dresses in their sale - the name of the dress is 'Isabelle' so it just had to be really! It has very cute little butterflies at the top of the dress and at the back is a cute bow, as well as button up which matched part of my dress. I think they were about £17 each dress - they were less than half their original price.

I also picked up two cute little flower girl bags in the BHS sale but as we didn't know what size shoes they would need I decided to wait until nearer the time. Their shoes were from Debenhams flower girl section but they do come up wide! They were about £16 each pair.
Isabelle wearing my bridal shoes
As it was a March wedding I knew there was a big chance it wouldn't be nice weather so I set off on a hunt for some shrugs or cardigans and it proved so difficult to get one that was a reasonable price in ivory for both girls to match! I happened to find a fluffy ivory cardigan in Asda for just £6 each. It's brilliant because they can wear this again and again not just the one day.

I got ivory tights in asda for £5. I wasn't fussed about too much details on the tights and thought plain would do just fine. Again these can be worn again and again as they don't scream wedding!

Flower girl wands by The Flower Shop in Watford which I had no idea were going to have a heart! I thought they were just going to be roses so actually it was a lovely surprise for me. The flower girl wands cost £15 each.

The flower girls and page boys got a balloon each to carry down the aisle from A Party Shop in Apsley which were less than a couple of pound each!

In their hair they had a lilac (our colour) bow which I got in a little shop in Intu Watford for £4 each.

I'm going to be talking about page boy outfits too soon as well as groomsmen, bridesmaid and the bride (me!) so make sure you check back soon.


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