Saturday 29 April 2017

Wedding photo list - just a few must have photos

Don't worry I haven't turned a complete control freak.... well, on our wedding day I had already given our photographers a list of photos that I wanted - not the entire list of the day, they are the professionals and know what they're doing better than I do but I know me, my family and what photos I wanted to get out of the day so it was helpful for all to know that. And yes, by all I do mean that I made a copy of it on the back of every order of the day! Eek. Control freak you scream. Bridezilla - oops.

So we haven't actually had our wedding photos back yet - we're ok with waiting for them to be perfect - no pressure Lee and Becky! hehe. So I've no idea what photos we will actually have but if I don't start writing about our wedding now I'm going to start forgetting things - at 28 the memory just isn't what it used to be ;) anyway I've got tonnes of wedding related reviews to get done so if I don't write what I can now then I really will forget little bits.

I know some of the photos on this list we won't have got and that's because I didn't know I wanted them until afterwards! That's why I'm hopeful that this post will be helpful to future bride and grooms.

When I first met Lee he took our family photos and we knew we wanted him to be our wedding photographer, roll on over a year and adding Becky into the picture meant that we had the perfect pair. They work together really well. Anyway, when we booked I said to Lee, no I definitely don't want bridal prep photos. WRONG. I regret that so much now, they would have been nice. So my first bit of advice would be that if your budget can afford for you to do bridal prep - do it. Even if, like me, you think you won't like the photos then just get them because if you hate them you can just put them to one side... if you don't have them you can never create them again. Stupid me thought that my bridesmaid would take a photo or my mum? they didn't. Urgh. I also think Becky would have made sure my dress was done up with the lace put inside properly (strops a little bit here).

The photos I would of had getting ready - photo of an invite, bride, brides mum and bridesmaid getting hair and make up done. Shoes. Dress hanging. Close up of dress. Putting dress on. Mother and bride. Photo of bride and bridesmaid ready. Close up of flowers. Getting into the wedding car.

Photos of the venue and any little extras you may have - we had a banner that was gifted by a company (review coming soon), sweet table (I'll tell you all about that in another post too), photo pallet and obviously our cake. I decorated all our table centre jam jars by hand so I wanted photos of those too to remember all the times I burnt myself with hot glue. Fun. I'm sure I've a scar or two to remember the exciting life I had for a few months. I'll be posting about that soon too.

Photo of the rings.

Photos of guests arriving - you may overlook this but I think those photos would be nice, to see a room suddenly being filled with your loved ones waiting for you.

The groom waiting and the groomsmen. I am hoping for natural shots of Michael, his best man ect because I don't think he would have coped very well posing pre wedding! We very much wanted natural photos of guests as they're just more 'real' in my opinion although I also love the posed ones.

Photos of the bridal party arriving, photo of the bride waiting to walk down the aisle. Photo of the bridal party and bride walking down the aisle. Any photos of children being cute in the ceremony.

Bride and groom in ceremony obviously and anyone doing a reading. We had Oliver doing our reading and a guest took a photo and a video which I will always cherish I STILL CANT BELIVE HE READ THAT!!! The little boy who up until he had his grommets fitted in 2015 he couldn't speak properly let alone read. Amazed. I think a fair few of the guests would have adopted him that day (well until the sugar kicked in later. Sorry about that parents!).

Photos of the bride/grooms parents.
The Kiss obviously!

The signing of register as a couple, then with witnesses. This now here is where I wish we got a photo of all of the bridal party, children ect. Would have been very sweet.

Walking out of the ceremony together!

Confetti - we had gorgeous confetti gifted to us, our favourite delphinium petals which I've mentioned before on here the-real-flower-petal-confetti-company

Group shots, family photos, friends ect. I made a detailed list of who was in what photo... did they listen? kinda.... did they need a friendly reminder - yeah? ofcourse.

Posed photo with your bridesmaid!! You may not think of it but you will want it.

Photo with the car.

Photos playing with the children with bubbles - they love bubbles and it will distract them.

Loads of couple shots.

Photos in the speeches

Photos of your shoes and close up details.

Sparkler photos are lovely but they're sometimes tricky to do. I probably didn't get the best sparklers in the world!  

Cutting the cake. I'd of liked the feeding each other cake photo but Michael wasn't keen!

First dance.

Guests dancing.

When picking your wedding photographer, it's important to know that their style suits what you want. The photos we saw by our photographer, I imagined myself in those photos and I was happy.

Our photographers were amazing, made us both feel very comfortable on the day and were fantastic with all guests including children. We spent a lot of time having our photo taken and I can't wait to see them. If you want to have a look at who we had - I haven't been asked in any way to link to them here* then here they are - Photography by L & R

Anything you think should be added to the list?

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