Thursday 24 November 2016

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company Review

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

We are in full blown wedding planning mode at the moment in our house, I am always chatting outfits, accessories, invites, favours and Michaels nodding along with "yeah, whatever you think... just stay in budget" but being a landscape gardener with a degree in horticulture he gets interested when the mention of flowers or confetti arises! So we were delighted to be sent a sample from The Real Flower Confetti Company. After having a little look around online I've seen that this company is a genuine well established one that you can trust - you need to be able to trust anything wedding wise and as I'm a worrier it's nice to be able to see things that are recommended by previous brides for something that's in my budget.
Leading the way in beautiful, natural biodegradable confetti since 1997, The Real Flower Petal Company are the UK's original wedding petal growers created by Charles Hudson. You can find out more about their story here! *click* The company was created after Charles paused outside a village churchyard on his way home, seeing tiny wet pieces of coloured paper from a wedding earlier in the day - it had turned the church entrance into an eyesore.

Charles experimented with lots of flowers, developing his own delicate process of drying petals - using just sunshine and fresh air!

Delphiniums are our favourite flower, Michael loves them the most. The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company decided to use Delphiniums for their ability to retain their shape and beautiful colour when dried. Delphiniums are a huge spike flower which is just beautiful, they come in various shades of blues, pinks, creams and all petals are picked by hand. You don't have to have Delphiniums though, they also provide rose petals, wildflowers, hydrangeas and lavender - all of which are just perfect for weddings. I'm so impressed at how amazingly well these flowers have been dried, they still look so beautiful.
Also their flower fields in the picturesque Worcestershire countryside look beautiful in the summer - they welcome visitors in July which is a great chance for you to see all the lovely colours they have to offer. I'm hoping Michael may take us for a little trip and that they allow me to take a few photos!
The petals are just beautiful and this leaf would love gorgeous scattered on tables.

We aren't getting married in a church so although it's not 'religious' I would like it to be traditional, my dress is ivory and I'm planning to wear a veil... something old/new/borrowed and blue.. *I need something blue* so I love the idea of following tradition and having confetti. Throwing confetti over a newly married couple dates back to pagan times when it was thrown to keep away evil spirits and the wish of a fertile marriage - whilst I don't want it for that reason (we have two children already) I think throwing confetti looks like fun, to get the wedding guests involved and create gorgeous photographs. It's something you will only ever have on your wedding day.
It's also worth mentioning that we didn't want paper confetti as I feel it looks cheap and more importantly it's not good for the environment, how would it look to my children if I allowed paper to be thrown everywhere?! "don't be a litterbug mummy!" is not what I want to hear on my wedding day. That's why natural petals are the choice for us. Our venue also requests only bio-degradable as they're venue friendly, so these are just perfect for everything we want.
I know a few people who have dried out petals themselves for their wedding and got really crafty with their DIY projects which is great but I just don't want to do that, I tried and really it isn't easy to dry out petals in a small house with two children rushing around playing their latest game. Weddings can be stressful enough without adding another job to the list so leave it to the petal confetti experts! Plus at £11 for a pint of delphinium petals it really really is worth the money!  I wish I had kept some of the petals I attempted to dry out so I could take a photo next to these beautiful petals I've been sent as they're 100% better. We have delphiniums so they were the same petals that I had collected in the garden along with some rose petals.

Little did Michael know that actually there was so much to go with the petals - yes more accessories dear... There's cones, bags or envelopes! The Real Flower Petal confetti company sell a range of these and have sent us some gorgeous ones as well as the petal sample box to have a look at too and a few additional samples for our review.

There's these gorgeous cones, my favourite is the floral I think but how cute is the one that is personalised with your names? What I thought was even cooler is that you can get some cones made with your one photographs on them Click here to see photo_cones They're £9.50 for 10 and so unique.

Then there's the option to have these cute little bags £6.50 for 10 and available in a range of colours. I love the lilac but the cream really makes the colours of the petals inside stand out.

or these ever so cute petal envelopes! - they wouldn't have a chance of falling out anywhere. pack of 10 for £9.50
I thought my favourite would be just to have them in little bags but actually the cones are beautiful and the confetti looks lovely in them, you could place them in a basket ready to be handed out. What do you think?

The cones are also practical too as it's easy to get the confetti out quickly for that perfect photo.
Looking through the petal samples I found this gorgeous heart shaped petal!

If like me you're wondering how much confetti you will need then The Real Flower Confetti Company have helped with that, you can find all the info you need here. If I wanted all of my guests to have some confetti to throw I would need 5 pints as 1 pint is enough for 10 guests.

Delphinium, wildflower petals and coloured rose petals will keep perfectly for longer than 12 months - we get married in March and I assumed this would be an issue for petals (I was wrong), I also worried perhaps I had left it too late but I haven't - they can even offer next day delivery! Small/Large rose petals and hydrangea petals will keep at their best for 4 months.
I'm so impressed at how pretty hydrangea petals look dried! They were not even on my option list before this sample but they definitely are now, 1 pint bag is £8.50 and I think they would look beautiful scattered around on the cake table!

You can order your own sample box from The Real Flower Confetti Company too here - sample service  which costs £3.95 but you can reclaim the cost of the sample box when you place a future order with them which is great! You can chose which colours you would like. In this sample I have chosen delphinium petals in purple, raspberry and ivory which I think looks fantastic together! You want to chose ones that match your colour theme but also give that wow in photos.

So we've decided upon the confetti we want for our wedding. It's definitely got to be Delphinium petals in purple, raspberry and ivory. The colours work so well together and our colour theme is lilac so this will work in perfectly. We want the cones but there's so many designs to decide from it's going to take me a little longer to decide! What's your favourite?

Mary-Kate, x
*Please note that we were sent the sample box and some additional samples for the purpose of this review. All of the opinions are my own* 

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