Thursday 24 November 2016

Interactive Musical Chickedy by Golden Bear Toys

Back in the summer we reviewed some cool flying twirlywoos which the children loved and I thought were pretty cool too – they fly really high and reminded me of a toy I had when I was little, you can check them out here flying twirlywoos review for our full review of them.

As we were so impressed with the first twirlywoo toy we reviewed, we were delighted to be sent an Interactive Musical Chickedy by Golden Bear toys as Twirlywoos is still one of our favourite things to watch on TV and Isabelle has barely let go of it since it arrived, we’ve taken Chickedy on the school run many a times and it’s always a conversation starter “oh, that’s the cbeebies programme” or one of the children trying to touch it whilst Isabelle clings on …“my precious”... Super-soft and cuddly it’s ideal for little ones who will have hours of fun with their new friend. Perfect size for a toddler cuddle. Press Chickedy’s left hand to hear fun phrases and dance along to two tunes from the show when the right hand is gently squeezed.

The buttons within the hands are ideal size for toddlers to be able to use themselves which is great from a parents point of view and a toddlers too as they love to be independent don’t they?
Approx 23cm sitting it’s a great size too.

Their tummies feature soft glowing lights in pretty rainbow colours with a satin cloud which looks great in the dark! The bendy arms make it possible to act out different poses from the show and children love this feature. Brightly coloured, good quality material and fantastic interactive features means this toy gets a massive thumbs up from us. Suitable for children aged 10 months and over.
Isabelle has a select few ‘chosen ones’ toys which get taken up to bed with her every night and this interactive musical Twirly Woo has made the shortlist! She then loves to get up in the morning to press the button and start the day with a twirlywoo dance!

RRP is £24.99.

You can find more of the Twirlywoo range here
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*Please note that we were sent this item for free of charge for the purpose of this review*

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