Thursday 1 December 2016

This was our month... November 2016

November went so quickly, we're December now! How did that happen? Time seems to be flying past really fast and I want a pause button. Here's just some of what we got up to in November.

Oliver you got player of the match at football for the second time and you were so happy! We're really proud of you and how hard you're trying at school. You got your star in class too which is great!... Some kids say you shouldn't wear your football boots because they're yellow it means they're for girls - they're not. They're boys  (not sure if you get boy/girl football boots anyway, think they're for everyone!) and I'm sure Troy Deeney would love them too. I'm proud that although you've been teased you've continued to wear them - there may have been tears but you've continued! Life is full of things we need to stand up and say 'no, I'm better than that!'. Oh and p.s I love your yellow boots. I'm tempted to tweet Troy Deeney to see what he thinks of them too. Maybe I will.

Isabelle we went for lots of walks in the woods but the end of November has seen you spending more time in your pushchair on school runs wrapped up in your footmuff because it's got oh so cold really quickly - I'm making the most out of the bugaboo as I know this is our last year of using it. I love you being so snuggly warm in it.

I went to Blogfest in London and learnt lots of things from very cool people which has inspired me to keep blogging. I love having this blog, somewhere to go back to over the years to read all my mummy memories.

I took Isabelle to Craft Tub near Grandmas house and she painted a frog. It was so sweet how she decided actually she wanted a multi-coloured frog and she didn't care what anyone else had to say about the matter. Good for you!

She also painted some Christmas decorations which Grandma paid for! Which was very exciting. A tree for cousin Harry, Rudolf for Grandad/grandma and a gingerbread man for us to keep for our tree! I got the tree out of the loft the other day by the way - it wont be up for a few more weeks yet!

Oliver had a remembrance service at the church with Beavers which he enjoyed being part of. Now he is invested in beavers which he is very excited about! I've started helping at Beavers every week with Oliver and it's lovely to watch the kids try new things. I want Oliver to get more confidence and I genuinely think Beavers is a fantastic place for confidence to grow.

We went to the LEGO preview event of the new London store and it was amazing! You can read about it here! *click* It was amazing...

Isabelle did lots of ballet - she loves her Baby Ballet classes with Anna!

Myself and Michael tried square sausages and these reminded me so much of my dad. I miss him. More every year. I wish he was here so I could buy him some random 'dad' gifts this Christmas.  

Oliver really impressed me when he offered to carry Isabelle's toy pushchair back from the village even though kids from his school saw him! That made me so proud. They've been calling him a baby for items he has had in his packed lunch but I was so proud of him yesterday because he said to me "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today" I'm going to remember that mummy - we have a sign that says that hanging in our house. Bless him!

I gave Isabelle her first hair blow dried experience and you hated it at the time but LOVED your hair afterwards and couldn't stop looking at yourself smiling. it was so soft and looked even more blonde. You looked beautiful. You always do.

I was sent some gorgeous confetti and reviewed it here *click*... our wedding really isn't far away now! Scary stuff. Remember how I was going to be a size 12 by our wedding? Nah me neither. I left Inspired Personal Health and Fitness this month, it wasn't working for me and what they had promised in a year to get healthy didn't happen! It's such a shame as with the correct support it could have been amazing. However I was always left injured which is not what you want from semi-personal training. Anyway onwards and upwards!

We got sent lots of cool toys to review this month all of which will be up on the blog soon in time for Christmas shopping.

Both kids put Christmas jumpers on for Willows farm bloggers event which was amazing! We met Santa and both kids had an amazing time.

We went to the village Christmas light switch on.

We've had a really busy month and I can't wait to write about what we got up to in December 2016 - the last month of the year! The year before we get married... we get married soon! I've said that... I'm rambling... eek!

Happy December!

Mary-Kate, x


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