Thursday 17 November 2016

New Lego Store Leicester Square London opens

Lego Store London has arrived! We were invited an amazing preview event last night at the brand new Lego Store which is located in Leicester Square - firstly I'd like to quickly mention how easy it was to find from the train station and not very far to walk at all - a very important thing when you've got children with you! *Always thinking like a mum!* The evening event lasted for 2 hours, well they had to tell us it was time to leave because we completely lost track of the time and my children were just so happy there they could have stayed all night... we weren't doing lots of special events that were there for just us - we were literally looking around at all the store would usually have to offer! I've already told the children we'll go back soon for another look and to take some more photos. If you're a fan of LEGO then you will love their new London store.

The store is amazing and it has now inspired the children to build more Lego creations, myself and Isabelle have been creating Frozen lego and various goodies we got last night whilst Oliver was at school. One of my favourite things about Lego with Oliver who is 7 years old is that he can literally build whatever he's thinking about. He has lots of sets as everyone knows he loves Lego so that's the go to present for birthdays or Christmas but he also has a few tubs of Lego to just create his own things, usually a plane or rocket, sometimes a building.

We are huge Lego fans as a family and Isabelle already plays with her brothers Lego. She does have a few bits of Lego Duplo but to be honest I didn't think their duplo range was very exciting... until last night when I realised how wrong I had been! That's the trouble if you look at a supermarket for example - you don't see everything the brand has to offer for every age range. And oh boy do they have a lot in the duplo range, the sofia the first caught my eye, doc mcstuffins and Spider-Man as well as their range of animals. Isabelle will definitely be getting some of these for Christmas. So if you've been thinking the same as me then definitely pop along to the LEGO store and have a look at the duplo range. The one thing I would love to see is a Lego Duplo Advent Calendar - who wants a bet they bring one out when Isabelle has outgrown it? *pssst, next year would be good LEGO hehe*

I think the new Lego store is definitely going to turn into a landmark that you just must visit when in London, you won't be able to find a Lego store this big anywhere else - how cool is that? It's spread over 2 floors and has the largest LEGO constructed Big Ben that actually chimes on the hour (so cool) the details on it are incredible.

There's a tube train made out of lego, with some VIP passengers on board including William Shakespeare, David Beckham and the Queen. It took a huge 637,902 bricks to create, they've made a seat for you to get the perfect photo too!

Brickley the Dragon is incredible, he took 725 hours to build!

Isabelle was pretty taken by the red telephone box! It took 663 hours to build using 151800 bricks and weighs the same as a baby hippo.

It's not just a LEGO store - it's the lego experience! Let children be super creative by building their own minifigure - you can let them put together 3 minifugres for £4.99 which I thought was really good value, they've all got their own accessories too.. These are the ones Oliver created.. *the look on his face was priceless in the first photo... Dom from Dick and Dom was stood next to him and he didn't even take his eyes off the lego to notice!*

There's also an incredible pick-a-brick wall as well as play tables.

There really is so much to see inside the store so be prepared it's not going to be a flying visit, you won't want to leave! Take some time to take selfies with all the giant LEGO characters whilst you're there. I didn't get any photos of me! I'll have to visit with Michael.

Head upstairs to have a look at the only LEGO Mosaic maker in the world where you can create your personalised mosaic portrait, it's so cool! We are so lucky to have had the chance to get one of these for Oliver and one for Isabelle - they're both very impressed that they have lego of their own face. You sit inside the booth as if you're having your passport photo taken, it takes your photo and lets you make sure you like it.. then you can decide from 4 different options before clicking print.. Step outside to watch the screen of the LEGO man putting your box together before a large mosaic print comes out with a box full of lego bits ready to build your own photo.  Have a look at the video below to see.

We got a scratch card each upon arrival to the store and we won two of these mosaic portraits and two Lego gingerbread house kits. Soo lucky. Grandma has got one of the gingerbread houses at her house as she loves Christmas LEGO so it's added to her collection. We can't wait to set ours up for Christmas too.

Currently you can find some exclusive to London LEGO store products including LEGO Architect London kit, Oliver loved to meet an Architect designer and learn some cool features of the product.
The lift looked awesome, I always spot lifts in stores now... I guess because you're always thinking about the pushchair and making life easier with a little one. During the week there will be demonstrations so look out for store announcements regarding dates for these. At the moment you can build your very own Christmas tree from lego and take it home with you - I built one! *pats head*

Another amazing feature which blew Olivers mind (to the point he said "whatchaaaa" - oh so annoying when he says that but you know you'll miss it one day when he grows out of saying it kinda thing...) was the digital screen where if you use you can see Lego kit you're holding come to life.

Lego Star Wars being his current favourite so he really enjoyed learning more about the lego range.

The LEGO store staff were all so friendly and helpful, they really did know everything about Lego and were able to answer very quickly every question my 7 year old had which impressed him. We're so used to going into stores where employees are not so fussed about the products and sometimes just aren't very helpful - that's not the case here, they seemed so passionate about LEGO, fans of it themselves and wanted to have a chat with you! I hope this continues as the store gets more established in London but I have a feeling it will do.
There's some fantastic features inside which amazed all 4 generations that came with us yesterday evening so it really does appeal to everyone.

Be sure to pick up a store map so you can try to see everything. Also pick up a fantastic LEGO passport which you can get stamped! Fab.

I've mentioned lots but I haven't mentioned everything - you really do need to go to this store and have a look for yourself - Christmas shopping time too so it's perfect!

Thank you so much for having us at the LEGO preview event! We had a fantastic time - can you tell?

Mary-Kate, x

*Please note that we were invited to an exclusive preview event but all of these opinions are my own.


  1. The store looks soooooo amazing!!! I'm so sad we got so close to being there. We're def going to take a visit before we move up to Norfolk. Xx

    1. Oh I know :(. wow when are you moving to Norfolk? Xx

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