Friday 18 November 2016

Voice activated Walking Pogo - Oddbods - Golden Bear Toys

Airing on CITV and boomerang, Oddbods is a cute animated show featuring seven hilarious characters. Children love it! In the summer we were sent a small oddbod and a blind bag figurines to review by Golden Bear Toys, you can have a little read here if you like.
We took our oddbod Zee on lots of days out and the children still love the small toy but when we were sent another oddbods parcel both children fell for another Oddbod!
His name is Pogo and he is the first toy that my children have really had a  fight over because they both really wanted to play with it first! I almost had to take it away but they realised team work is best so they then played nicely anyway, he’s a much bigger version which is voice-activated which allows you to bring the hilarious world of Oddsville to like through this voice-activated walking Pogo. (rrp £29.99) You simple press Pogo’s hand to start the amazing voice activation feature then once you speak, shout or clap stand back to watch them walk and talk back to you in their own quirky Oddbods language.

You also have the option to switch the walking function off to listen to all their funny sounds! Isabelle thought it was magic to begin with until she noticed her brother pressing the button. Both children laughed so much and were amazed at it as they've never had a toy like this before!

This toy looks just like the character on the tv and as always, this Golden Bear Toy is made to a very high standard.

Although this is a walking and talking toy – it still is soft enough for a big cuddle, it stands 32cm tall. Both children (age 7 and age 2) have loved playing with this toy, they’ve found it so funny to make Pogo talk in his own oddbods language.

You can see the rest of the Oddbods toy range by Golden Bear Toys by clicking here

Which is your favourite Oddbod?

Mary-Kate, x

*Please note that I was sent this product for the purpose of this review but all of the opinions are my own*

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