Monday 14 November 2016

Justin's House Playset Review

Justin Fletcher is VERY popular in our house; Something Special, Gigglebiz and most of all Justin’s House - it’s the place you want to play in… Everybody’s welcome here in Justin’s house! I just can’t help singing along whenever Justin’s House starts. I’ve noticed Michael singing along too. So we were delighted when we were sent a Justin’s House Playset from Golden Bear Toys which retails at £34.99.
Little fans of Justin’s House will be delighted with this playset, it allows you to bring to life all that you watch on the show. The two figurines included – Justin and Robert the Robot are really cute, Robert looks literally the same as on the show - I know it’s easier to create a figure of a Robot!
Little Monster is included obviously – she pops up at several locations in the house, the child can press a little button and up pops Little Monster! She’s so cheeky.

Who’s at the door? Who’s at the door… with two visitor cards which are double sided your child can act out scenes from the show when visitors pop by. Included is; juggler, artist, magician and explorer – there really is a lot of game ideas included there!

Suitable for children aged 3 years and over due to small removable parts – Isabelle is 3 in March so she’s younger than recommended for this toy but she plays beautifully with it, plus if you’re with your 2 year old then I’m sure they’ll be just fine. The one issue with her being smaller is the door – it has a tiny handle which she struggles to open, Oliver (age 7) also agreed that it would be better to have a bigger door handle but both children loved that the door opened and closed.

The sofa, clock and kitchen counter can be moved around, ideal if your toddler decides Justin’s going to have a party! There’s sound too – two buttons on the kitchen counter which play several different sounds from the show including Justin’s houses theme tune – which we love but where’s “who’s at the door? Who’s at the door? Someone better answer it…” it’s ok though because my children sing this bit themselves – honestly, it’s them… not me… may be me… ok it’s me!
You can put Justin into his bed as the duvet moves to the side so he’ll be there waiting for next time you want to play.

Brightly coloured and beautifully made – the only things we would change is adding the who’s at the door song and a bigger door handle to make it easier for little hands to open.

Fantastic toy!
Mary-Kate, x

*Please note, we were sent this toy for this review. All opinions are my own.*

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