Saturday 12 November 2016

Yes I'm a stay at home mum but that doesnt make me lazy

Being a stay at home mum

This has been playing on my mind a lot - you've probably forgotten it with your oh so busy life but I haven't - I still think what you said was pretty shit. I'm not going to message you, I'm going to write here to get it off my chest. "because if it was a week day I would of had to ask for holiday as some of us have to work" - ouch. Ok! So I asked you to be my bridesmaid... then when trying to talk to you a while later on facebook trying to suggest dresses that I - the mother of two whom you so clearly pointed out doesn't 'work' - was going to pay for but you seemed so uninterested. You know what in truth - that hurt. Anyway when I asked you if you could actually come to my wedding - you didn't reply for months. Truthfully that hurt more. Why should I chase you? So I cut you out. Simple. May not have been mature thing to do but oh well I've done it now.

My wedding to me is a really important day, I want to be surrounded by people who care about our wedding day. Who care about us. That was not you. But the point of this post is to say who on earth do you think you are? "because if it was a week day i would of had to ask for holiday as some of us have to work." Ouch. (Again). Every time I think of that it makes me say SHIT in my head. You've no idea. You've literally no idea. You think I sit on my bum all day don't you?! I don't.

YES ok I didn't talk to you much, shall I tell you why? It wasn't because I was busy talking to someone else or I had an amazing social life - I hardly talk to anyone, there's some lovely mums on the school run but I never really go out with 'friends' - it was because I was worn out. That's why you and others too haven't really heard from me since I became a mum. My life changed - it was no longer lets go out and get drunk. Anyway I've been absolutely 100% completely knackered. You see for about 2 years we (myself and Michael) got hardly any sleep. We still had to function day to day life with hardly any sleep though - we've got two children so life doesn't stop and NO I DON'T WANT ANYONE TO FEEL SORRY FOR ME! And Michael works 6 days a week so that I can stay at home - NOT FOT THE REASON YOU IMPLIED by the way. Want to know why I stay at home? Because a) it's too expensive to have childcare for my toddler. and b) she's allergic to a lot - I don't want to leave her with just anyone and Michael agrees with me, I know her best. She's my baby. Do you think I don't want to work? Seriously, I would love to be able to save more money for our future by working but that would mean leaving my toddler with someone whom I would pay a lot of my wages to for looking after my child.

Another thing is being a stay at home mum is sometimes lonely, their is no job description with being a mum and honestly most of the time I am just whinging it! Hoping I get it right and don't completely mess my children up. Fingers crossed huh?

So yes YOU work but I don't just sit on my bottom. One day when you have children you'll go "oh shit yeah I totally get it now!"


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  1. Although I love this post, it's make me sad that you've lost a friend. There are many people I don't see anymore because, quite frankly I don't have the time. I used to love going to the pub after work and having a drink before going home, but now, I can't get out of the house until at least 8pm and a lot of my friends who work are too tired and settled by then to even consider going out. Life can be very lonely being a SAHM. But only other SAHMs understand. Xxx


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