Monday 4 September 2017

LEGO Batman Movie Night 8th Birthday Party

Oliver really wanted a birthday party this year, after listening to the ideas he had and having a look around at prices I just couldn't justify spending a small fortune on a party for an 8 year old, we're talking £23per child on just the party - you've got the get the cake, party bags and bits on top of that meaning you'll end up spending loads on just a few hours fun - however much I love this newly turned 8 year old - I wanted to get him presents as well not spend the whole budget on a party which will last a few hours. If that money got each child something to keep then that would be a different story of course. 

This said I obviously wanted to give him a birthday party that he would love, so thinking caps on and a look back at his birthdays throughout the years which you can read about here*click* and we decided to have a LEGO Batman Movie night party.
I printed out some invites for his friends and let him pick 8 friends to invite - including his little sister there was 9 of them, she wouldn't accept she wasn't actually invited and gatecrashed the whole thing which the boys tolerated lets say! She's not the quietest film watcher and they handled that really well considering. 
LEGO Batman movie is Oliver's favourite you can read about it here when we went to the Lego Batman Premiere  and also again here when we went to The Summer Lovin Lego Batman event to celebrate the launch of the DVD, so he knew that he wanted it to be LEGO Batman themed. 

The room was decorated with yellow and black lanterns - batman colours of course, 3 balloons - one was a number 8 balloon, one was a giant batman (nowhere local did a lego batman balloon :( so we had to settle for this one instead from the Card Factory) and another happy birthday super hero themed one which I found in a little local gift shop randomly the day before his party because it fitted so well we just had to have it.

I decided to create a skyline that looked like Gotham City to give the room a little something extra! I used A4 card from the kids craft box, luckily we had just enough black and yellow to make it. I then printed a bat sign to be the bat signal! The boys all thought it was cool. 

The movie was the main entertainment of course but in addition to this all the boys got to dress up as Lego Batman (and one batgirl of course!) with super cool costumes from jakks This was a huge hit with the boys and they loved to dress up as batman, a few of them were a bit unsure to begin with but especially after the movie they all got really into it and had so much fun. I remember loving to dress up as a child, children have the most incredible imaginations and wearing costumes really helps them to extend this further. All the parents agreed it was a fab idea and such a different thing to do for a birthday party. 

You can read more about the LEGO Batman and Batgirl costume when I publish the review really soon, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled, I'll pop back here to link up too. 

We had LEGO Batman plates and bowls for popcorn from Amscan, as well as cool matching napkins. 

A party just isn't complete without with out party wear, we were sent some Batman party wear from Party Bags and Supplies which was Batman themed and fitted in perfectly with our party as well as looking fantastic.

The items were all great quality too. The rrp for this set is £28 which is a great price considering all you get without having to fuss about getting the bits separately. Included was 8 x cups, 8 x plates, napkins a packet of 20, a table cover and 8 x filled party bags which was amazing because it took all of the stress away from sorting party bags - something I've always spent ages wondering what should be put into them and you must do them - party bags are expected by children now days! My son would be so confused if he wasn't handed a bag of goodies at the end of a party, it's not that this is something I think is 'required' it's just something that they are used to now and it's harmless fun anyway isn't it.

Inside the party bags there was a temporary superhero tattoo, a wrist band, a toy and a packet of sweets - all batman themed which was great. I would always head to party bags & supplies to get my party supplies easily in future. They arrived so quickly too. 

During the film the boys all got popcorn, to my absolute amazement 3 huge bags disappeared so quickly.. I should have got more! *please note, if you do this... buy more popcorn - also maybe dish it up for them into pots instead of help yourself... some got loads and some got hardly anyway. 

Food - mini sausage rolls, pizza and chips! Crisps and a variety of drinks including lemonade which usually I don't let Oliver have but as it was a special treat he could have it. 

The cake - a normal batman cake wouldn't do. I also really wanted to get a cake that Isabelle could join in on and as she is allergic to dairy - she's got cows milk protein allergy, I decided the only option was to make the cake myself. 

Luckily a few years ago I got a bit obsessed with a cake decorating magazine that was out, probably still is and I had a few tools left over from it so I used those to create this as as well as normal kitchen knife. 

Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream icing covered in ready to roll grey icing, a bat logo made using black and yellow ready to roll icing and a combination of lego bricks made using ready to roll icing in black, yellow, grey and white. The kids loved it and it tasted nice too! 

So how was it having 9 children in my house and only me - my darling husband disappeared to the garden with a book to relax and left me to get on with it. He did help with a few bits including the food but that was it, actually it was fine. Would I do it again? yeah, they all seemed to have a great time!

It's a unique idea and saves money too.

He got so amazing presents for his birthday too so you'll be seeing some LEGO reviews coming soon including this amazing set! 

*please note that we received batman costumes as part of a review coming separately.

The party wear was gifted to us for the purpose of a review*


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