Tuesday 8 August 2017

7 fantastic years of your birthdays - birthday party ideas for kids

Children's birthdays always seem to cost a small fortune these days, when I was little, back in the day! we were so happy with a little party at home that consisted of friends round for a play date basically with the added extra of jelly and ice cream plus wearing a pretty dress - one year a friend turned up in the same dress as me BUT in my favourite colour, she had purple and I had blue... blue. Not that I still remember the upset this caused... moving on quickly...

Oliver has begged me this year for a party like what his friends were having but cutting a long and rather boring story short - we just couldn't afford one like that.

So I had to put my thinking cap on about what type of party he could have this year that really wouldn't cost the same as a weekend away.

I thought I'd start by having a little recap on the birthday parties he has had in the past to see if I could get any ideas of what we could do this year, then I thought I need to get back to my roots of this blog, its my diary so I'll write it here ready for next year to look back at to inspire me again, if I'm feeling nice, I may not do him a party hehe.

For his 1st birthday we had a party at my mums house which was meant to be in her nice sized back garden. His birthday is in August, it rained. Bit like this August! So instead we all squeezed into her house, there was a blow up ball pool and lots of food... plenty of little friends crawling about taking up every inch of space. She loved it really....

That was the year my mum forgot that me and Oliver lived with her and she got him a toy drum set! Noisy... oh yeah did I brag already that he was walking a few months before his first birthday? clever little thing.

His 2nd birthday we didn't really do anything.

For his 3rd birthday he had a garden party at my mums house - he loved it, it was a sunny day which is weird for Oliver's birthday and we had a bouncy castle in the back garden. His little friends and cousins came and it was lovely. It was the first birthday of his with Michael, he got him his first bike but Oliver didn't really get on very well with it and still to this day refuses to ride a bike - hey, its not for everyone!

Oliver's 4th birthday party was at Gambado's! Hooray you say, she splashed out on a party.... and boy did I question why. It wasn't cheap and sure, they loved it but did they love it more than little party at home? Who knows.

For Oliver's 5th birthday we had a fairly new Isabelle, so we decided just to have a little family thing at home. We were surviving on very little sleep at the time and I'm not sure any of us were actually in a party mood. It was nice to have family over to celebrate and some cake instead though.
Oliver, your 6th birthday was at Pizza Hut with your school friends, that's right - we paid for a party again! It was really good value actually and all the kids seemed to have a good time. You all got to make your own pizza, add the toppings you wanted and then eat it once it was cooked. There was an awkward what do we do whilst we wait for it to cook stage I must admit but it was good nonetheless.  
Your 7th birthday we cheaped out again, I'm sorry.... but not actually sorry because you had a great time and we had a wedding to pay for in the following March so we were feeling rather tight and you know what, that's ok! goes to show you don't need to spend money to have a fab birthday with your friends. We went to college lake in Tring with some of your school friends and their parents, we walked around and just had a nice day outdoors.
And that leads up to your next birthday which is on Monday........ I can't believe my little man is going to be a whole 8 years old! That seems so big. We've got a lovely birthday planned for you and I'm really looking forward to seeing your face light up. I'll have to blog about it afterwards to show you all the lovely thoughtful things I do for you hehe.

And then there's the mum guilt. My daughter didn't get a birthday party this year because her birthday was the week before our wedding and we were selfish, there you go, I said it. We didn't bother! She still had her birthday, just no celebration with anyone else... we got her presents tho, honest and I'm sure she'll have a party next year once she's made friends at nursery.


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