Thursday 9 February 2017

The Lego Batman Movie - 10th February

What are your plans for tomorrow Saturday 10th February? Well, cancel them because The Lego Batman movie is out tomorrow and you NEED to go to see it.

At the end of last month, we attended the Premiere screening of the Lego Batman Movie, we had so much fun walking down the yellow carpet in Leicester Square, Oliver felt like a star posing with Robin for his photo. *please note, I’m an awful mother who put my child in a Star Wars top which obviously on this day was so uncool, the previous day – cool, I'd go as far to say super cool but on this day, this batman day… what on earth was I thinking? OOPS! He pulled his zip up so quickly, oh the star wars shame in a room filled with lego batman, if only he did that when I nagged him to keep warm huh? Today I forgot his gloves so I went in at lunch time to give them to him, picturing a freezing cold pair of hands - he wasn't even wearing his coat!!!

Back to the Lego fun filled day...

Once inside we had so much fun and the problem was soon solved as Oliver got batman face paint and obviously looked super cool for the rest of the day. We are huge fans of Lego so we were so delighted to have been invited and had some time to get photos taken, eat some biscuits – lego themed ofcourse and have a chat as well as play a game, build a few things too. I knew Oliver would love the Lego Batman Movie but if I’m honest with you, I didn’t think I would. I thought I’d sit there, trying to have a think about my blog because I’ve been so stressed out since Christmas – did you notice I stopped blogging and got so behind with everything? I’ve been super rubbish…. However, that didn’t happen as I absolutely loved the film it was so funny and kept both of us glued to it apart from the quick wee break where I swear I said to Oliver you better wee quicker boy I don’t want to miss the film! *really? what accent even was that?.... But I have no idea what ‘funny’ we missed now, we need to see if again just for those 3 minutes*

The Lego Batman Movie is brilliant, there were jokes that everyone will find funny then theres some only the adults will get, there was a great story to it unlike some other ‘childrens’ films we have seen. I’ve never been a huge batman fan but I’ve walked away from this loving lego batman! The story of how Batman doesn’t ‘do’ relationships after his parents died and he was raised by Alfred the butler *I want Alfred mini figure for our collection! It's my birthday on 15th.... hint hint everybody!!!* but turns out Batman can’t do everything by himself. Life being batman must be so fun huh? Or is it lonely? We love the new commissioner – Barbara Gordon – will she be batgirl? Ofcourse The Joker is there too – he’s so desperate for Batman’s Hate but at the end they have a ‘moment’ which is very funny. …. “Then I’d say I that I don’t currently have a bad guy… I am fighting a few different people…. I like to fight around!”

The first lesson is that life doesn’t give you seatbelts.

It’s so hard to tell you how brilliant this film is without telling you the whole film so you need to go to see it!

After the film we headed to a VIP Lego Lunch at Planet Hollywood which was very yummy. We got to meet Lego Batman and have a look at products available, some super cool Lego sets we really want and have started collecting the lego mini figs.

We got some amazing gifts from Lego too and Oliver was over the moon with the whole day. He is desperate to work for Lego when he's older.

You need to go to see the movie as soon as you can, you won’t regret it!

*please note that we were invited to the premiere and gifted some of the items*

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  1. I have to take my oldest 2 to see it: it sounds absolutely brilliant. Those Lego figures are also absolutely fab. I want them for me hahaha!


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