Friday 26 May 2017

Roco Clothing Page Boy Suits

I didn't quite realise how difficult it was to plan a wedding. All the different little bits and bobs there are to think of. I had no idea it was so expensive it was either, one of the things that shocked me a lot was the cost to hire page boy suits - I just assumed they would be a fraction of the cost of the groomsmen suits to hire because lets face it they are a fraction of the size.... but nope, I was wrong. Do people seriosly pay £95 for a suit for a child that'shired? they're giving the suit back and it's tiny compared to the mens ones! So when I discovered Rocco Clothing I was very interested, we knew we wanted the page boys to match the adults as much as possible.

Having hired suits for the men at a local shop - Impeccable Menswear in Hatch End, we set off on a mission to find tailcoat page boy suits for a 7 year old and a 2 year old. Hopefully to match our colour scheme too - probably being too wishful my now husband told me. You see, the shop would have been able to supply one for Oliver who is 7 but our nephew, H is just too small to fit in the ones they had.... also a little tip for you is that it really is actually it's much cheaper to buy children's suits than hire them from most shops - also if you're a mum then you know children will stain something you hire and it's just not worth it because the added cost of getting it cleaned or replacing it will probably be high. Oliver has actually mislaid his cravat so that would of been a nightmare too had we of hired the suit.

After some google searching I found Roco Clothing who specialise in boys suits as well as selling girls dresses for occasions too.

I was actually amazed at the selection of suits that they had on offer! They looked fantastic and much cheaper option than hiring the suits from a suit hire shop. Don't get me wrong - they're not 'cheap' but they are a very reasonable price for what they are and the quality is very good.

We were able to decide what we wanted - black tailcoat jacket, black trousers, white shirt, ivory waistcoat and wait for it... lilac cravat! Actually to match the other groomsmen - amazing! 'The suit'
They have so many colour options too it really is brilliant.

When the suits arrived I was amazed! Recently got Michael a new suit from Marks & Spencers and it arrived without a suit bag - very poor show considering the price of it but the boys ones arrived in very smart suit bags to keep them nice and clean.

On the day, the pocket squares were not used... if I was the one getting the boys dressed then they would have done but it's hard to get someone else to remember everything for you. I still think they looked so cute, everyone agreed as Oliver walked up the aisle with his little Ring Security box.

We found the sizing true to size and the quality of the products are just brilliant. Even the lining was lovely. It also comes with a matching pocket square which is a lovely little touch.

For age 2 years it would cost £40.99
For age 7 years it would cost £46.99

So a lot cheaper than the option of hiring for over double! Plus you get to keep it for further events, christening ect, with or without the jacket!

 You can find Roco Clothing here -
*Please note that we were sent the suits free of charge for the purpose of the review*

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