Thursday 25 May 2017

The Wedding Gifts That I Would’ve Loved To Receive

When you’re getting married, the thought of the gifts you’ll receive is very low down on your list of priorities. After all, becoming a newlywed couple provides more than enough excitement for most. However, the gift-giving process is a tradition that most guests will stick to. And once the day is over, the happy couple will soon start to appreciate the thought behind those presents. Not least because they’ve come from their nearest and dearest.
However, finding a perfect gift for the happy couple can be challenging. It’s especially difficult when you haven’t been married yourself. While the gifts we received were amazing, there’s no doubt that there are some others that we’d have loved in hindsight. So use this list to help you through your gift-buying activities, and you won’t go wrong.
Oh, and we did actually receive a couple of the presents listed below. Can you guess which ones?
Decorative Home Items
Whether the happy couple is moving into a new marital home or adding to the home, they’ve already built doesn’t matter. Every newlywed couple will want to make interior design changes to signal the start of a new chapter. This is a fantastic area for you to find the perfect gift.
Of course, we all have individual tastes. Therefore, this idea is probably best suited for close friends and family members. Still, you can pick up some truly incredible items online. With coupons from, you’ll be able to get them at an even better price too.
Those items don’t just brighten up the home. They also serve as a reminder to the big day. What more could anyone want from a wedding gift?

A Canvas Print
Sticking with the theme of items designed to brighten up the walls, a canvas print of a wedding snap would be an amazing gift for anyone.
You may worry about the fact that this gift will be given after the wedding day, but that really shouldn’t matter. After all, the happy couple will probably be on their honeymoon anyway. This will give you time to contact the photographer and have that image blown up onto a canvas ready for the couple’s return.
For a cheaper alternative, you could purchase a digital photo frame that will allow them to see various snaps from their big day for years to come. Photographs really do bring huge sentimental value to the home. You will not go wrong with this option.   
Financial Help From The Key Guests
Personally, I think it’s a little ungrateful to expect direct financial contributions. However, given the costs involved with organising a wedding, offering help in this area is a great option for best men and bridesmaids.
This needn’t manifest itself in the form of a cheque. It could be a simple gesture like paying for your own wedding suit or sorting out the wedding table centres. Alternatively, you could use your skills in graphic design to help with the invites.   
The list of options is endless. Whatever solutions you opt for, the bride and groom will appreciate that support throughout the planning process. It might break the tradition as you’ll be giving them the gift before they tie the knot, but it’s better than buying a cutlery set.

A Day Out
After spending thousands on the wedding and honeymoon, the post-wedding blues are a very real thing. Not only has the most exciting day of the couple’s lives past them by, but there’s a good chance that their finances will be tight for a few months. That can lead to weeks of living a very poor social life, so treating them to a day out would be amazing.
You can find a host of great activity days at However, even if your budget is modest, you could simply pay for a trip to their favourite restaurant or cinema.
Giving the newlyweds an opportunity to spend some magical time together truly is one of the best gifts you could ever give. At a time where the financial repercussions of a wedding can take their toll, this idea should at least be a shortlist contender.
Coffee Machine
Once upon a time, virtually every newlywed couple would receive a toaster and a kettle. While the facilities to make a brew might not be the most exciting product, a decent coffee machine is something that most couples will love.
Tassimo and Nescafe machines are the key players on the market for instant hot drinks. However, a percolated coffee machine can be the one that stands out from the crowd. It might not get used as often as the other two, but the results are far better. When needed, it’s sure to be something that the couple will treasure.
If you’re going to choose the home essentials arena, it’s better to go for quality over quantity anyway. With this in mind, a coffee machine is a great option.
Tabletop Fireplace   
As already mentioned, there’s a good chance that the happy couple could be a little tight for money over the coming months. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still have dates. Instead of hitting the town, though, they’ll have to get creative with home dates.
Frankly, you don’t need to worry about what those dates involve, although a cookbook can be a great addition to their lives. Nevertheless, a tabletop fireplace can make those meals and evenings together take on a new sense of romance. Moreover, it’s a product that can be used to great effect if they host BBQs or house parties too.

Love will literally be burning in the air. If that doesn’t signal a great gift for both, then what does?
So there you have it, six fantastic ideas that are sure to put a smile on the faces of the bride(s) and groom(s). Best of all, the chances of those gifts being duplicated of what other people have bought are minimal too. Job done – now you can focus on enjoying the wedding!   

*please note that this is a collaborative post

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