Thursday 25 May 2017

Creative Gifts For Growing Kids


One of the things that you quickly learn when you become a parent is that buying gifts for your children is quite stressful. They look forward to their birthday or Christmas (if you celebrate it) with such fervour that it is easy to start feeling a little pressure. You obviously want to get them something that they like, and most kids will tell you exactly what that is. However, getting those things may not be possible. If it is a toy that lots of kids are asking for, you may find that they are sold out (which is why you have to start early) or that it is simply too expensive. This is a difficult situation because you want to make them happy but the circumstances do not always allow it. If you find that you do not know what they want, or you do not want to ask them directly, which may spoil the surprise, you should remember that letters to Santa are not just a cute tradition. While you may go with your child to the post box and send it off to the North Pole, you should make sure you read it first. They will tell Santa (read: you) exactly what they want. When you are getting gifts for your children, you may want to think about getting them something that they will enjoy and which will help them learn and develop at the same time. Here are a few ideas for quirky, creative gifts that you can get for your little one:

  1. When you children are a bit older, they will start to appreciate their life in its historical perspective. Adults know just how easy it is to think back to the 80s or 90s and look at them as if they are a different world. They are in some ways, but an interesting way of capitalising on this interest is by getting a birthday newspaper. Your child will not remember the day that they were born but for everyone else, life was going on as usual. Sharing that history with them and showing them what else was happening when they started their life is a cool way to share your love for them.
  2. With the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets now (which may not be good for your children, and which certainly do not help them sleep), a nice idea may be to get your child something that will teach them a real life skill. For instance, you could get them a construction set so that they can build their own structures or a chemistry set to inflame their imagination for science. As great as apps can be, they are not good enough to completely replace the toys that people loved for generations.
  3. In terms of helping your child develop and encouraging them to have a lot of fun at the same time, there is nothing better than an art set. While you may shudder at the thought of having paint all over the house, if you supervise it and create some art with them, it will be fun and safe. Besides, the benefits of art are well documented.

*please note that this is a collaborative post


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