Thursday 1 June 2017

The Three Steps To Showing Hubby Some Love On His Birthday

Getting gifts for the kids and helping them celebrate their birthday is tremendously easy when you compare it to the task of doing the same for your husband. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, then you might start to think that you’ve hit the majority of the big wants. But do you want to just stick to the safe options like a new jumper or a new cologne? If you’re set on really showing your man how much you appreciate him on his birthday, then there are three steps in particular you should include in the plan.

Make his life easier
Let’s start with the actual physical gift. A birthday gift should be something he wants rather than something he needs, but with guys, many of those are the same thing. Look at Cuckooland's gift ideas for him for an idea of what that means. It might be something simple like a hamper of whisky, cider, and chocolate to help him really indulge and blow off some steam when he gets some free time. If he loves his beard (and you do too) it might be a kit to help him care for it. It might be a little bit of barware to help him move one step closer to that “man cave” he’s wanted for a while. Really, the key to the best answer is to listen. If you take mental notes of every time he says what he wants or wants to do, it can make it a lot easier to put that list of gifts together well before the big day.
Let the soppy stuff out
You likely also want to make him feel pretty special on his big day, too. A whisky hamper might make him very happy, but does it really have the emotional impact to go with it? Probably not. That’s why you should make your own little heartfelt contribution to his day as well. For instance, look at these love letters that Oddee has put together. Get some inspiration, write down everything you love and like about your hubby. You can even put them in a jar so he has a source of feel-good to keep coming back to.
Make it about him
What about what you’re going to do on the birthday? A family birthday celebration with the kids is always a good idea, but you should think about creating some alone time for the both of you, maybe on the weekend of his birthday. Get a babysitter or family member to take the kids and make a date night. Don’t make it a usual date night, however. Put aside the girly notions of what’s romantic to you and make it something that’s all about him. Take him to a movie, campout in the back garden or even spend all day lazily snuggling on the sofa marathoning that show you’ve been meaning to watch together.
Take the opportunity to not only get your husband something he’ll genuinely like, but to show him how loved and appreciated he is. He deserves it and it might even help him realise that you deserve it, too.


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