Thursday 1 June 2017

Hand Painted Wedding Shoes - Elizabeth & Rose

Every girl dreams of her big day, the dress, the shoes, the tiara and feeling like a princess for a day and I'm no different.

Shoes were something I searched high and low for, all shops I could think of and nothing grabbed my eyes and my heart so when I started talking to Sophie the founder and designer of
Elizabeth & Rose and discovered that actually I could have anything that my heart desired hand painted on my wedding shoes I was so intrigued and had to find out more!

I went to London to meet in person, where Sophie also works in a beautiful Jewellers - she's a lady of many talents, it was an absolute pleasure to meet her and try some shoes on so I knew they would be the perfect fit. I've got wide feet so I needed something that was going to be comfortable - actually fit onto my feet and something that was still beautiful. When you've got wide feet like me often you have to settle for boring shoes but why? Just because we have wide feet doesn't mean we don't want beautiful colourful shoes.... Sophie can help you get shoes that are perfect and fit your feet perfectly too. I was so worried that we wouldn't be able to get nice heels to fit my wide feet but Sophie managed to find the perfect pair - exactly what I wanted and I LOVE them.

Elizabeth & Rose design shoes complete with sentimental details and matching colour schemes of your wedding to tie in with the flower arrangements you'll be having.

Our colour theme was lilac - Michael actually picked it, I always assumed I'd have royal blue but Michael thought lilac (which actually is my favourite colour anyway) would look nicer, I've mentioned this about 1000 times on my blog already - Michael is a landscape gardener and his passion is flowers, so these shoes were destined to wow him. When they arrived he actually said that he didn't think they would be as nice as they are! Then he wanted to get me the matching bag - It doesn't stop at shoes either - you can get matching bags hand painted too, perfect if you plan to use a bag on the day, if you want to match your bridesmaid into the theme or if you want to use the shoes and bag for future events (exactly what I'm going to do!)

Flowers we had decided to have were roses - cream, lilac and pink (pink was a last minute addition to make it really stand out but I didn't want any pink on my shoes) with gypsophilia which is just simple but beautiful.
We had delphiniums at the end of the aisle - these are Michaels absolute favourites!

We also made sure we had delphinium petals as our confetti too :) our top table was even named Delphinium!

 Little Isabelle trying on my bridal shoes in her flower girl dress.

When the shoes arrived they were perfectly packaged with a hand written note - personal bespoke touch!

The price? 100% worth it, no one else will ever wear the same wedding shoes as me - how amazing is that? And how many people can say that. These will be a conversation starter at every event I wear them and I am so in love with them. Sometimes I try them on.... just because I want to!

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Also check out the sister company - Elizabeth & Rose Petits which is just adorable.

This is a collaborative post with Elizabeth & Rose, I paid a reduced price for the items in exchange for the review.

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