Thursday 1 December 2016

Toddler Christmas Gift Guide 2016

So it's December already huh? Where did 2016 actually go - it went so fast for our family! Now it's December I will get very christmasy - I like to keep the magic of Christmas time special by not starting in November because then it starts to drag out, we have a small house so if we had Christmas tree up already we wouldn't have much space for anything else. I thought I'd do a Christmas gift guide for toddlers as it can be hard to decide what to buy for them, I am going to also do a wishlist for Isabelle but within this toddler gift guide its all things that we currently own and would recommend to another parent for their child. It's good to get recommendations from others when looking at toys because you want to know you're buying the right thing and not wasting your money.

Isabelle is 2 years old but these are suitable for all toddlers and I'm sure they would love them.

1. Classic Tiny Tears doll - really impressed Isabelle, it's the perfect size and perfect weight for her to carry. She loves brushing the hair which with her other babies she isn't able to do. She loves the features of the doll too  - she was so shocked when her doll had her first wee! You can read more about what we think when we do our full review this week!
2. Thomas the tank engine glowing musical Thomas - Isabelle loves trains and this cuddly train is perfect size for her to take out with us and cuddle. It isn't just a soft toy as its musical with the Thomas theme tune and more - you can read our review *here!
3.Justin's House Playset - We love love this! It's really well built with cute, figures of Justin and Robert the robot. You can read our full review *here!.
4. Twirlywoos - who doesn't love this programme on cbeebies! Bring the stories to life with this gorgeous soft cuddly Twirlywoo you can read what we think *here.

5.SmarTrike - these are great. Kids love them and you get to places quicker than them walking! Result. Isabelle loves the pink colour of hers.
6. Books and who better than a Julia Donaldson one? We all love the Gruffalo - he's ever so popular but don't forget to look at the others by her, like this one; 'what the ladybird heard next', its a follow on from 'what the ladybird heard' and both of my children love them.
7. A personalised apron to do arts and crafts like this one from My 1st Years, Isabelle was given it as a present for her first birthday by Michaels cousin and she's still using it and loving it now.
8.Little Tikes cosy coupe - obviously every child loves these cars and you can get some cute designs. Oliver had a police car and Isabelle has a cute pink/blue one.
9. Sofia the first range of toys is so gorgeous, Isabelle's favourite is this camera which is perfect size for her and she likes to take it on days out incase she needs to take some photos. You can read more about the range we were sent here!
10. My first JCB - stacking JCB is a great toy to encourage children to learn numbers and shapes. Isabelle loves anything related to diggers, dumper trucks ect so this was a very popular toy for her. It's brightly coloured and well made. Our full review will be published later so I'll link here when it is live!
11. In The Night Garden range - there's some very cute items to pick from. Why not have the bath toys in your toddlers stocking? They would be perfect. You can see what we think here!
12. Crayola - our favourite. They're always good quality products which are washable = parenting win because toddlers can be unpredictable. These pip-squeaks are Isabelle's favourite as they're perfect size for her small hands and the colours are lovely.
I could go on and on about what to get your toddler this Christmas but I hope this has given you a few ideas!

Mary-Kate, x

*please note, we may have been sent some of these items for previous reviews but they were not sent to us for this gift guide - we just like them so they were included!*

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  1. This is full of cuteness, I love this gift guide. please visit for more toys for your kids.


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