Friday 2 December 2016

Wynsors Kids Christmas Project number 1 - DIY advent calendar

Wynsors very kindly sent us a box of goodies this week including some arts and craft bits as well as some Christmas treats to get us in the Christmas mood now it's December! *I know I keep saying 'it's December!' - I cannot promise not to do this for the rest of 2016...* We were also sent a pair of slippers for each child and they're delighted with their first slippers. Daddy has since requested a pair of slippers too. You could probably guess without looking at the photo below what slippers Oliver picked - obviously Star Wars! Isabelle went for her favourite which is Paw Patrol - she just loves Skye at the moment.
We're going to do another few arts and crafts Christmas posts leading up to Christmas with this great little bundle from Wynsors but the children were so keen to make something today that we decided to do something little.

Isabelle has multiple allergies which makes Christmas advent calendars a little tricky - Grandma has got her a moo free one which she loves (So much that actually the sneaky little lady helped herself to not one but two chocolates today!!!) but yesterday at Beavers with Oliver they gave me a brilliant idea for allergy children and crafts around Christmas time to help them feel involved because having allergies can be isolating at times. They were making their own advent calendars! Why hadn't I thought of this before?
Luckily it just so happens egg boxes were included in the parcel from Wynsors so I was able to make one for Isabelle this afternoon using some sweets we already had in the cupboard. I wrapped the jelly babies in cling film so they had a wrapper on them. I had two little helpers but they kept trying to eat the sweets!

So now Isabelle can open one bit each day to get a sweetie after he dinner. Here's the cute slippers we were sent from Wynsors, the children are both delighted with them and are looking forward to having warm feet at home this winter!

I've never heard of Wynsors before so after a quick google I found that they were established in 1956 and have since grown from a handful of small high street stores to a leading UK family footwear retailer. I was really looking forward to seeing the slippers in person and finding out if they're as good as they look - they're a fantastic price actually. Star Wars are £9 and Paw Patrol are £9 too. Both children think they're very comfortable and I have to say they are made to a high standard, I'm confident these will be safe for my children to have on their feet. I think that they would make a great addition to a Christmas eve box!

I'm looking forward to publishing more craft posts using the bits included in the box so watch this space! 

Mary-Kate, x

*please note that we were sent this box including the slippers for the purpose of this post. All views are my own*

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