Monday 5 December 2016

Willows Activity Farm Santa Spectacular

Willows Activity Farm Santa Spectacular
We love Willows Activity Farm, it’s always a great day out with our young children and we’ve been with their grandparents before and everyone seemed to have a lovely day! We were invited to the Santa Spectacular this year – we’ve never been before and I’m so happy that we have been now as it was amazing! I’ll be honest and say originally I thought that the ticket prices were quite high but now I can see why they’re the price they are, there is so much to do included in the price and we can’t wait to return again this year with family for another exciting day out!

Santa Spectacular is a whole day out – not just meeting Santa! We got to do lots but there was still loads more that we didn’t get a chance to do so the ticket price is worth it and you won't leave regretting your decision to go.

So what did we get up to?
Firstly we went to the 3D film experience, I wasn’t too sure about how this would go with a little 2 year old who doesn’t like to sit still for more than 1 second but she loved it! Her eyes were glued to the screen and she loved wearing the glasses but did cutely jump when things looked as if they were coming towards her. Oliver wanted to watch it again!

Then off we went to see Santa! You need your token. We got in the que and it wasn’t too long, at first we thought this is going to be soo boring just waiting with two children who aren’t great at waiting for things but once we passed the corridor there was a magical winter wonderland with lots of different scenes to look at, twinkling lights, penguins, polar bears and reindeers to name just a few. The amount of detail that has gone into everything is just amazing. The Elves were so happy, Santa was lovely with the children and handled Isabelle being a little frightened perfectly – even got her talking to him! I’m interested to see what she’s like next time now. Once the children have finished talking to Santa they get their photo taken and given a golden key which is how they get into the toyshop which by the way was full of great choices – they decide for themselves! I spotted some great finds in there, a that’s not my book, peppa pig piano and my little pony bits too! Oliver picked a small pool table toy and Isabelle picked a small playhouse which she loves. We were in there for so long! On the way out you have the choice of buying your photo.

Ofcourse there’s the farm animals to see too as well as a festive tractor ride – they’ve even added some bells for the Christmas season!
Meet Mishka before going to Create-A-Cuddle workshop where the children got the chance to build their own husky toy to take home with them. This is included in the entry price but you do have the option to purchase an outfit or accessories if you would like to but we didn’t and we didn’t feel pressured into at all like you do in some places. We didn’t have to wait long and it was easy for both children to understand what to do. They’re so cuddly and I was shocked at the size and quality considering it was included in the price.

Next to here in the Elve’s House you can write a letter to Santa, there’s also arts and crafts too. There’s a post box and we have just received a reply from Santa – which was included in the price too! The children were delighted when they arrived.

Off we went to Elf School with literally the happiest of elves ever. Real elves ofcourse called Berry and Twig and they’ll help you learn to be an elf with things such as the Elf-a-bet, at the end of the show all children will receive their own Elf Diploma which the children thought was amazing!

The children also enjoyed having a go on the rides and playing in the sand pit as well as the swings.
For lunch we had some chips and a sausage roll. Isabelle has multiple allergies but the chips were completely safe for her which is just amazing and makes life so much easier for us when we visit.

There’s lots of spots to get a cup of tea which is great. We didn’t even get to have another look at the Peter Rabbit play area but we definitely will pop there next time we visit. We also need to have a look for the nativity story, sing-a-long with Ronnie the reindeer show and finish the reindeer hunt as well as get all the stamps on our Elf Passport next time! We’re ready for another busy day.

If you’re looking for somewhere to visit Santa this year in Hertfordshire then 100% go to Willows Activity Farm! Amazing.
Mary-Kate, x

*please note we were invited for free in exchange for our honest review

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