Thursday 1 June 2017

Four Things to Avoid When Picking a Gift for Someone

Be it a special occasion with your spouse or a friend’s baby shower party, picking a gift can be difficult. We all want to stand out a pick something that’s either sentimental or practical for the recipient, but there are times when we’ll get the wrong idea, lack inspiration or simply have no clue what to get. In situations like this, it’s a good idea to consult some advice (such as this guide!) so you can have a better idea of what to pick.

However, most gift guides simply just recommend things to give for a specific occasion. Instead of doing that, this is a guide that will teach you what NOT to do when picking a gift. Without further ado, here are four things that you absolutely have to avoid when you pick a gift for someone.

Forgetting the occasion

If you’re attending a baby shower, the last thing you want is to turn up with a bottle of fancy wine. Not only does it give off the wrong impression, it’s also got nothing to do with the baby. Pick something that relates to the occasion so that you aren’t out of place. For instance, if you’re going to a baby shower, pick something like a cuddly toy, a soft blanket or some charms for the baby. If you’re attending a wedding, then pick something that will be helpful for the couple in their new life, such as a personalised picture frame to remember the occasion or a lovely bottle of wine to celebrate the occasion.

Putting a monetary value on something

In addition to forgetting the occasion, you don’t want to arrive with a gift that costs far too much. Money doesn’t make a gift good—it’s the thought that counts. If you don’t want to appear like you’re flaunting your money, then stick to gifts that are sentimental or buy something practical yet still within a reasonable budget. Don’t give money either. Gift cards are acceptable, but if you’re really unsure what to give, a high-quality greeting card, a bottle of alcohol and a smile are all you need.

Neglecting your research

If you buy someone a vinyl of their favourite artist but they don’t even own a vinyl player, then it’s kind of a pointless gift. If you buy someone accessories for their car but they don’t own one, then again it’s sort of a wasted gift opportunity. If you’re unsure what gifts a certain gender or demographic would enjoy, then do your research. For instance, if you’re picking a gift for a male relative, then look up gift ideas for men and browse around. If you want to give a gift for someone that loves video games, then Google it and pick up some ideas.

Gifts without a purpose

Gifts need to be sentimental or practical. If you gift lacks either quality, then think again and choose something else. Sentimental gifts are usually things that come associated with memories and practical gifts are items that can be used almost immediately. A personalised t-shirt or mug would be a fantastic sentimental gift, and a new pair of shoes would be a good practical choice.

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