Thursday 1 June 2017

HELP! my thighs rub together in the summer... Solution!

How many of you have googled something similar to the title of this post? Even when I was smaller than I am now, pre children that was oh those were the days... you know the days where I thought for some weird reason I was over weight - WHAT THE.... - I still suffered with my legs rubbing together in the summer though when wearing dresses or skirts. oh my word, the sore rash you get from it is just awful. I'm going on honeymoon THIS month (oh my word, this month!) though and I really don't want to need to wear leggings the whole time so I've been on the hunt for a solution to my problem.

I have been scared off the idea of using talc after recent news on that idea, it did use to work actually but not as well as what I've got now.

Googling I found that actually there's so many people googling the same thing, trying to find a way to wear skirts without getting sore thighs. Some people may think it's just people the same size or bigger than me - I'm a size 14 but it's not, I've actually found posts from much smaller sizes all affected by the same thing. It's just one of those things and yes it's so irritating but there's a solution and I've found it!.... hints why I'm over sharing on the leg rash... that actually I didn't need to let anyone know but hey ho it may help someone!

If you're suffering too then you need to get some of this magic cream because it does actually work without you really being able to 'feel' its on your legs. No one would be able to see its on there either - again, I'm questioning why I am sharing this information when no one would actually be able to tell anyway but here I am continuing to type..

I haven't been asked to write this post, I haven't been gifted the product... I just struggled with this issue and thought that it might help someone else too. Its a fairly reasonable price too so I'm very happy. I got it on amazon for less than £6 but its now gone up to just over £8. Anyway, when I started my blog, I never thought I'd be writing about my legs rubbing together to complete strangers hehehe. Here come the legs! (the very pale white legs...)


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