Thursday 6 March 2014

Baby Shower / New Baby gift guide

Gift guide 

I have recently held my own #BabyShowerBlog where lots of fantastic brands were included in reviews and giveaways so now I'd like to tell you about my top 'Baby Shower' / 'New Baby' gift guide, there's some lovely items included and hopefully I've managed to cover a wide range of budgets and tastes. 

Firstly I would like to thank all of the brands that have been involved in this review, I've loved working with you on these reviews and hope to work with many of you again in the future both on here and on Visit From The Stork online magazine. 

At the end of this blog entry I will include links to my previous full reviews of these gifts so that you can learn a little bit more if you want to! & If you find anything in here you're going to go on to purchase or add to your own wish list then I'd love to know, also if you've any more questions then don't hesitate to ask!

Babes With Babies London - Cuddles & Cupcakes gift set £39.95

Cherub Chews - nursing necklace (different but around £12.99)

The Gro Company - travel gro £25.99

The Gro Company - comforter £8.99

Pink Lining Mum On The Run - new designs out now, £30 
Lily & Me - New arrival hamper £55
Pixie & Jack blanket £28

Pixie & Jack hooded towel 6months - 3 years! £19
Natures Purest £28
Faye & Lou - Muslins £27.95

Blooming Lovely Jewellery £29 mexican bola

Mama Baby Bliss - little bag of bliss £22.50

Puckababy The Original £34.95

Milestone baby cards £12
Cussons mum & me bump gift pack £15

Natural organic bedding

Colour me balloon - baby clothes as flowers £24
Green People Hello Baby gift set £15.95
From You To Me books £19.99

I haven't reviewed a few of these items yet as I've been very busy moving but the reviews will be coming soon.
Reviews so far; 

Babes With Babies
For a beautifully gift wrapped present that's something for mum & baby in one.

Cherub Chews
New mum can still wear her necklace with this one as they're suitable for little people to teeth on, distraction while nursing! 

The Gro Company
Very popular products but did you know they do travel gros too? 

Pink Lining
Something all yummy mummys need!

Lily & Me
A beautiful and thoughtful gift all in one, packed with things all new mums need for their new arrival. 

Pixie & Jack
Beautiful blankets and gorgeous towels - towel to fit 6 months to 3 years! amazing. 

Natures Purest
Gorgeous blanket, soft and beautiful - every baby needs a blanket like this one! 

Faye and Lou
For bright coloured muslins - an essential for new mums!

Milestone Baby Cards
One of the most beautiful ideas, memories to treasure! 

Mum & Me
A little bit of well deserved pampering for mummy to be. 

Blooming Lovely Jewellery
Something extra special that's baby related without even looking it!

Green People
Skincare that's good enough for that brand new skin. 

Gorgeous useful products that will help new parents settle their baby into a good routine of sleep.

Natural & Organic bedding range for babies/children.

From You To Me
Thoughtful memory books because those memories matter.

Mama Baby Bliss
Little bag of baby bliss, spoiling baby to lovely skincare.

Colour Me Balloon
A fantastic alternative to a bunch of flowers, these flowers won't die after being a beautiful display... they will live on, as socks and bibs... such a lovely idea! 

Finally, a very big thank you to - Babes With Babies, Cherub Chews, The Gro Company, Pink Lining, Lily and Me, Pixie and Jack, Natures Purest, Faye and Lou, Milestone Baby Cards, Cussons Mum and Me, Blooming Lovely Jewellery, Green People, Puckababy, Amiya, From You To Me, Mama Baby Bliss, and Colour Me Balloon. 

I hope you've enjoyed my Gift Guide and found lots of new brands you like.
What's your favourite item mentioned here? I love them all so much it's hard to choose. 

Mary-Kate & Bump - maybe for the last time as it's my due date today - eeek! x


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  2. Such lovely gifts! I think I know what gift would I buy for my niece.

    Sarah Dixon


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