Wednesday 5 March 2014

Due date tomorrow! Advice needed

It's my due date tomorrow! My pregnancy has gone super fast and I can't believe that my due date is tomorrow, already? 

little lady bed all ready!
I'm worried about a few things and wanted to ask you for your advice...

  1. Going overdue and avoiding being induced - I was induced with my first baby but this time I'd love to be able to avoid that so if you have any suggestions, advice or tips that worked for you on how to bring on labour naturally once due date has passed then I'd love to know.
  2. Introducing baby to Oliver age 4 - I really want him to like her, we've sorted out a few presents for him from her such as sweets and a little lego toy but if you've got advice on how to make sure he doesn't feel left out then I'd appreciate knowing it.
  3. Breastfeeding - I attempted breastfeeding with Oliver, I lasted just over 24 hours at which point I begged my mum to get me some sort of formular milk as he just wouldnt stop trying to eat me. I was very tired and no one had told me how hard this natural thing can actually be for some poeple to get the hang of. I continued to breastfeed and bottle feed him for a little while but soon enough it was just bottle sma, so this time I'm very determined to try again for as long as I possibly can, if I'm unsuccessful but have tried my best then I will be happier than if I don't try at all. So can you suggest anything that can help? Tell me what to expect? What you found hard? And how you got into a routine with breastfeeding, what helped you and what advice you ignored?

    Thank you in advance,

    Mary-Kate x

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  1. Pineapple juice & power walking got all 3 of mine here on time.
    Try not to be holding babe when you see Oliver for the first after baby.
    Be gentle on yourself. Breast feeding takes practice. The first few days / weeks can be tough. Eat/drink & rest as much as you can.
    Good luck xxx


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