Tuesday 4 March 2014

Baby Shower ❤

On Sunday 23rd February 2014 I had a Baby Shower, I planned the shower myself after the idea was given to me by the lovely people at Aden + Anais. I held various giveaways and reviews in conjunction with my #BabyShowerBlog. It was a small get together, family & a few friends, Oliver went off out on a boys day which he absolutely loved! (He made sure he had a good selection of cakes to take with them). 

Oliver helped me plan my Baby Shower. He really enjoyed being my little helper, especially when it meant he could eat some of the cakes & cake pops!

I didn't want to spend a fortune on the day, so I hunted around for the best deal I could find on Baby Shower invites and decorations. I discovered a great website called Party Puffin who supply a great range of party items and have a selection of Baby Shower related items available. These were the cheapest I could find anywhere - even cheaper than eBay! So I ordered some items which arrived very quickly. 

Invitations x 16
Napkins x 16 
Plates x 16
Honey comb decorations x 4 
Hanging decorations x 3
Banner x 1 
Helium balloon x 1 
Cups x 16
Pink dots treat boxes x 8
100yards pink curling ribbon
New Baby confetti 

For a grand total of... £13.66 (For all of the above, in matching baby shower print!) Which I thought was a bargain? Have you found any better? 

So once the invites were sent off and people had replied saying that they could come, it was time for me and Oliver to get making cakes! I popped to the local market and visited the cake decorating stand. There I purchased some edible glitter, cake pop sticks, candy buttons in pink, cake pop covers to make them into little favours and various other bits and bobs. 
We borrowed a cake pop making machine to save time & effort... the decorating was hard enough, especially heavily pregnant ( grumpy ) and with a 4 year old helper who would just prefer to eat them all for himself. 
After the cake pops were made, we made some cakes together. After that had cooled down, we made some buttercream icing to decorate them. 
Oliver said that they were very yummy. 

I decided I wanted some party games with Baby Shower theme but none of the weird ones like smell the nappy or down the bottle... So I decided upon, guess mums tum! Which one of my friends guessed correctly! ...I won't say how big but it was big. 
Also another game was Guess the baby... This was my favorite because it was so funny watching people trying to guess who that baby was, looking around at people in the room you could see the concentration in their faces.

Then there was advice for daddy & I made a little letter box for these cards to be posted into. He got lots of advice such as "have time together" and "Mary-Kate's always right"... thanks ladies!
Then there was 'suggest a name' - we got lots of suggestions but the most popular was Lily - 4 suggestions for this name. 
Then theres 2 games which haven't yet finished...
Guess the birth weight 

Guess the birth date

and I still have the two prizes for whoever has guessed correctly. 
The prizes now I must mention were kindly given to me by a sweet shop in return for me telling you all about them. The shop is so cute! It's called 'Sweet as a button' and is based in Hertfordshire, however I do think they will be selling online eventually so make sure you follow them on twitter @Sweetasa_Button 

Here is one of my friends, Amanda after winning the Guess The Baby game!

 As part of my Baby Shower, I had a selection of items sent to me for reviewing which I personally think would make ideal Baby Shower gifts, my guests loved looking through these and I will be doing a separate post about Baby Shower gifts for you to all see too.
 On the day I was wearing a lovely comfortable maternity (& Nursing, in one!) dress from Lulibelle, I absolutely love this dress and it's one of the most comfortable items I've worn in my pregnancy while still feeling girly. You can view Lulibelle by clicking here!
Oliver loved the balloons and over a week later he's still playing with them!
Food wise I only had finger foods - chocolate brownies were by far the most popular! (Sainsburys btw, 2 boxes for £2.50) see you don't have to spend a fortune to have a good day?

I had a lovely day and got some gorgeous & thoughtful gifts from the lovely ladies who came! Thank you for coming to my baby shower & thank you for reading this blog, if you want to have a baby shower but are bit of a control freak/ just dont have anyone who has time to arrange you one then do it yourself!! make sure you read my post about Baby Shower gifts, they're also suitable as new baby presents.

Mary-Kate, x

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