Monday 3 March 2014

Due this week! Already?

Can't believe I'm due this week, it's gone so fast! Much faster than it did when I was expecting Oliver, maybe because I already have him keeping me busy that I cant spend as much time thinking about dates and little things you fuss about when having a baby, also maybe because we moved when I was 34 weeks pregnant and Oliver had to change schools - not really had much time to sit down and think about this baby to be honest.

I think we're ready though... 

Hospital bags packed and ready to go 
Maternity notes and birth plan always in my bag 
Baby room set up 
Car seat ready to bring baby home 
Pushchair set up and ready for our first walk 
Moses basket next to my bed 
Plan for Oliver 

One thing... I didn't go into natural labour with Oliver, I was induced at 4 days overdue because my blood pressure was so high. So every little pain or feeling, I'm thinking 'oh is this it?'... I guess in a way I liked the induction because I was there, I didn't need to worry about the right time to go into hospital and it all went very quickly. I got to 4cm before starting any pain relief because the midwife kept telling me I wasn't in labour yet and was just feeling little niggles - I didn't make enough fuss obviously because after my waters went she checked me and said oh yes you are in labour... told you!

Oliver was out after 2 hours 45 minutes of being in labour so it all went very quickly but that's also a bad thing I think - maybe under 3 hours was just too quick, it was a bit of a shock for first baby. 

My placenta got stuck though, which took another 2 hours to come out... when we moved, I changed midwife obviously and she asked about my past pregnancy and labour - when I explained the high blood pressure and placenta taking so long even though I did have the injection (supposed to help it come away quicker), she said that I needed to see a consultant to see if I was allowed to birth on a birthing centre (with just midwives) or if I needed to be on delivery suite, near doctors should I need them... After my appointment with the consultant, turns out I'm fine for the birthing centre, as long as I'm not induced or have high blood pressure again.

So last week when I went to the midwife and my blood pressure was high, I was really upset. I don't want to miss out on that lovely birthing centre we walked around to be stuck in one horrid room and not be allowed the birthing pool. The midwife checked my blood pressure twice, with a gap in between and both times it was high at 145/90 and I was measuring at 33 weeks instead of what I actually was - 38... so off I was sent to the MDAU (maternity day assessment unit) at the hospital, to the delight of Michael who absolutely hates having to sit in the boiling hot room for ages. We had lunch first and I popped to the sweet shop - the midwife mentioned that my BP might have gone up because I was just about to go into labour so I needed to make sure I had some sweets for my bag... never know how long you're going to be there! By the time we did get to the hospital, I was put onto a monitor and given a button to press every time baby kicked... I clicked it alot, Michael jumped every time as it's such a loud noise. Then the midwife took my blood pressure - 138/80 at 2:10pm and then she left it a while to check again, it was 116/74 at 2:40pm, so it had come right down and was ok. Then she checked my measurements and when I'm laying down I measured 34cm instead of 38+ but when I'm standing up I don't look small at all.. Unsure of where baby goes when I lay down! So the midwife sent us off for a growth scan, surprisingly we didn't have to wait very long and soon we were having a cheeky sneak peek at our baby girl - who is definitely a girl, we had it confirmed again hehe. She weighed around 7.7lbs already so she isnt small at all and I think by the time she is born she will be over 8lb like her brother who was 8lb 14oz. 

So the aim of the rest of this pregnancy is to keep my blood pressure down, I'm very lucky because I've got people helping me which is lovely as my feet are too swollen to wear shoes for very long at all. And also to avoid if possible, being induced! Has anyone got any tips for avoiding this? I'm going to start on my due date walking up the stairs sideways and all the other little ones I've heard so far but if you've got something that kick started your labour then I'd love to know! 

I went nursing bra shopping yesterday, a few weeks ago I went into Marks and Spencers to be measured and they said I was a size 36C... which was strange because I was actually wearing a 36DD which was a little snug when I went in the shop, so how on earth could I be smaller for a nursing bra when theres meant to be space for milk thats going to come through? So yesterday, finally we got to mothercare to be measured, guess how long I was in the fitting room being measured and trying on various sizes for? An hour. YES! An hour. After that hour, the lady said to me, you could come back when we have more time or if you like I could get a second opinion, I just don't know what I'm doing? my reply "haven't you been trained?" ... yes, apparently she has, but I said yeah please a second opinion wouldnt hurt, so the store manager comes in and within 2 minutes has got me the correct size bra and it's wonderfully comfortable! 36E - not a C at all. Thankfully she saved the day because I'd of been the grumpiest - okay, even grumpier lady without the new bra. Also brought 2 sleep bras, she suggested although I'm a 14 to get a size 16 due to my bra size and it is actually really comfortable. 

I got these... 

Also Michael brought me this for my hospital bag, Nightie and dressing gown for £30 which is suitable for maternity and nursing as nightie has clips... it's super comfortable and washes up the same! I looked everywhere for a dark coloured thin dressing gown, this is the only one that I could find.


I think I'm going to be the mum told to go home when she goes into hospital but due to my labour being so short with Oliver, I'm not risking anything! 

Mary-Kate, x


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