Monday 5 June 2017

Becoming A Better Gift-Giver

It seems like a simple talent, but it can be incredibly difficult to choose the right gift for the occasion. It’s not about which items are hot and what the latest trends are. The best gifts aren’t entirely about the gift. It’s about what they represent and the relationship to go along with them. Here are a few points in mind if you want to become a better gift-getter.

Experiences matter more than things
This is a theme that runs through all kinds of different studies on what exactly makes a gift special to someone. It’s not just about what the gift is itself. It’s about the experiences that it helps them to gain. So, for instance, a date or a trip might make a better gift than a physical thing, even if it’s not the longest lasting one. It’s the memories that give that kind of gift its emotional impact.
Think purpose, first and foremost
If you’re trying to pick out something that you think your loved one will like, there are a few mistakes to avoid. For instance, don’t get them something that speaks only to their personality and not what they actually like or want to do. It’s a common mistake to get someone something because you thought it suited them to a tee. But in reality, you might not have actually thought of how much use or purpose it had to the person. It’s an observation which might be funny for a brief moment, but what happens to the gift after that brief moment?
Put a bit of you in it
There’s also the misconception that monetary value alone will make a gift. The idea that someone has invested in a gift has a lot of worth. But you can invest something more precious than money: your time. If you’re a particularly crafty person, then creative homemade gifts could make any item a lot more treasured than it might be if you had bought it at a shop. It becomes more than a gift, but a representation of your bond with the person.
Give it some build-up
The actual giving of the gift can matter just as much as the gift itself. A little ceremony never goes wrong. Maybe you tell them about it earlier in the day but give it to them later to build anticipation. Maybe you insert a card with it to give them something to read before opening it that puts them just in the right mood to properly appreciate it. Presenting a gift in the right way can butter up the recipient just right so that no matter what it is, it floors them when they open it.
Of course, there are some times where your partner, family member, or friend will be dropping mad hints about what exactly they want. In those cases, following the hints isn’t just about fulfilling their wishes for them. It’s about showing them that you know them. Even if their hints aren’t the subtlest, it shows you’re paying attention.

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