Tuesday 6 June 2017

Delicious Edible Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Having trouble picking a gift? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Whether it’s for a special occasion like an anniversary or just something small like a friendly get-together, there’s always room for gifts and it can often be difficult trying to pick something out. Whether it’s a personalised gift, a sentimental one, or something practical that your recipient can use straight away, there are far too many choices and you might be spoilt for choice, or simply lack any inspiration.

If that’s the case, why not pick something edible? Edible gifts are for every occasion and you can always customise them to fit something special. For instance, if it’s Easter, egg-shaped gifts are common. If it’s Christmas, then something festive like Christmas trees can be used. If it’s for Valentines, then why not buy some heart-shaped chocolates instead? To help you out, here are a couple of delicious edible gift ideas for any occasion.

Homemade Cookies

Nothing is as comforting as a batch of fresh, delicious homemade cookies. There are countless cookie recipes available on the internet, and you can add pretty much anything you want to them. You could make big cookies with a few chocolate chips, you could add nuts, fruits or even bacon bits if you really wanted to. You can experiment with unique cookies to give as a fun gift to a curious friend, or you could decorate them with festive icing.

Personalised Treats

There are plenty of services on the internet that let you purchase a personalised treat for your recipient. For instance, Chocogram allows you to send customised messages in the form of chocolate tiles. This makes a delicious and fun idea to send to anyone, and the only limit is your imagination because you need to think of a message to give. If you want something a little more generic, then you can also buy gift hampers full of edible treats. These can range from retro sweets to alcohol treats and even meat hampers with steaks and bacon. Just make sure to avoid giving a gift that isn’t compatible with your recipient. For instance, if they can’t eat nuts, then stay well away from them and if they’re trying to lower their sugar intake, try to get sugar-free gifts.

Hot Chocolate Jars

These are beautiful and delicious ideas that have become popular over the past couple of years. Homemade hot chocolate is sweet, creamy and wonderfully flavourful. Simply add a layer of sugar and cocoa powder into a mason jar and you have a fully functional hot chocolate jar, albeit a boring one. To spice it up, add a thin layer of a spice such as cinnamon, add chocolate droplets on top, or even some marshmallows. To serve, simply remove the marshmallows and other toppings, then mix the powder and sugar. Simmer some milk over a low heat and then spoon the mixture into the milk, stirring it until it becomes a delicious and frothy hot chocolate. Pour it into some cups, then top with the marshmallows and other toppings. Not only do these mason jars look lovely, they can also be decorated and stored relatively easily. They look wonderful if the dry ingredients are layered properly, and you can make them in large batches to send to friends and family.


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